“A day has not passed where Debbie and I don’t discuss or feel the importance of our visit to Gentle World. We both feel that we can do more now; we’ve always known that we must. It was liberating and invigorating to meet a community of individuals where veganism is normal and commodification of sentients is avoided for its immorality… Going to Gentle World was a profound experience for us.”

~ Ben, New Zealand

“I miss all of you, and I’m so full of gratitude and deep appreciation for all you’ve done for me. I’m enjoying my new vegan lifestyle, and not finding it difficult at all.”
~ Kathy, United States

“…You all are a shining star of hope in a vast landscape of illusion and pain, and there you all stand, strong in your conviction, a mass army of light workers teaching us and all who cross your path; the truth and honour in veganism.”
~ Holly & Harley, Canada

“No words could capture the emotions I’ve felt this week. I feel like you’ve reminded me how to live, and for that I’ll always be grateful.”
~ Chantal, United States

“I still think back to the time I spent with you and I would have loved for it to be longer. But it was life changing and it helped put me on the path I am on now… Unaware to you all, you have had a profound impact on my life, mainly because you showed me another, more gentle way was possible.”
~ Mark, Ireland

I feel blessed to have learned from you and your community at such a young age.  It left an imprint that still affects me to this day. I don’t see why I would ever turn back.”
~ Aaron, United States

“This will go down as one of the most important times in my life! You all lead by example which has made it easy to take the vegan message on board. I’ve had time to think about the important problems I need to help be a part of solving.”
~ Joe, England

“I want to say thank you once again for encouraging us to follow the path of truth. Since we left you, we have been getting rid of all the non-vegan products in our lives. In the beginning it was hard, because we felt some kind of attachment to material stuff. But after getting rid of it, it felt like a liberation. We are also quite active in promoting a vegan lifestyle and animal rights. I am doing my best to show people the advantages of veganism – co-organizing a vegan festival and organizing lectures…
~ Isabella, Austria

“You’ve inspired me to be a better person. I’m now more excited about the life ahead of me. With your cookery book in hand, my education will continue.”
~ Maria, Poland

“I would like to thank you all for changing our lives for the better… We are both remaining strong in the vegan ways and it has become a large part of my identity, so much so I jokingly now refer to myself as Vegan-American… Had I not had the chance to catch a snippet of your daily lives I would have never considered the vegan lifestyle. I will look back at my time spent with Gentle World fondly and with great appreciation.
~ Eric, United States

“My Christmas will be completely vegan, for my parents support me and I am in charge of cooking… In addition to this, my Dad and I are going to save a lot of factory farmed chickens next year. Thank you so much for opening my horizon.”
~ Silvi, Germany

“I want to thank you again for everything Gentle World has done for me. I am loving my new vegan lifestyle.
~ Emily, United States

We are both still going strong on the vegan front and managing to influence a few along the way. We feel great. I still feel as passionate about veganism as I did at Gentle World but I’m just doing my own thing, being a role model and influencing where I can. This feels good and seems to be making a difference.”
~ Sunshine, United Kingdom

“Since I’ve been back, veganism has led to many discussions with different people that either hadn’t heard of it before or had written it off. I’ve been able to open up a dialogue and provide a new perspective. Also, my family loves trying all the things I cook and we are eager to explore the many vegan restaurants in the area. I can’t thank you enough for everything! It’s true what you say, being vegan makes you think about living intentionally and it’s life-changing!”
~ Lilly, United States

“On 7th of January was my 1 year vegan day :-) At this date exactly one year ago (at the lovely Gentle World) I was making my heart decision to go vegan. Since then, a lot of people I know, and especially friends of mine have changed their diet to vegetarian or even vegan :-)”
~ Stefan, Austria

“Gentle World is my all-time favorite location and I now have your cookbook so I am enjoying lovely ‘new-to-me’ dishes, including the coconut curry soup that you cooked the night of my arrival.”
~ Margaret, United States

“I started being vegan two weeks before I arrived, and now I’m convinced that it’s the right way. I want to thank you all. I learned a lot.”
~ Claudia, Germany

“Coming here was meant to be, and it has been an amazing experience. I’ve learned so much from all of you, and have a whole new refreshed perspective of veganism and the idea of living with kindness.”
~ Ricky, United States

“I have had the most amazing time here at Gentle World, you have really opened my mind and I have learned so much good from every single one of you. I am very excited about taking this knowledge and way of life back home and spreading the word!”
~ Caroline, England

“You have a model community, one that you should be proud of. Thank you.”
John, USA

“Such a help to a new vegan. Thank-you, all of you.”
Avila, New Zealand

“Thank you for promoting veganism and a saner pace of life. You are very much appreciated. I’ve been a fan of your organization for many, many years and have one of your first cookbooks.”
James Peden, Harbingers of a New Age, United States

“You are an inspiration to us.  It’s not every day that one meets individuals who have the courage to live with conviction and integrity.”
Minne & Stanley, Hawaii

“I just found out about Gentle World and I’m so glad the two places exist. It’s amazing what you do. I hope to come and stay some time soon to experience living in a gentle world and to help out your mission. A vegan community, my dream… Thanks for all that you do!”
~ Tim, Australia

“I am very grateful to have had this opportunity to share both your land and your way of life.”
~ Bill, Canada

“I think of you all often… I’ve learned so much from the community, my choices and ways of doing things are forever changed.”
~ Harmony, United States

“Thanks for showing me you can’t separate the dairy industry from the meat processing industry. An animal is an animal, and he or she will always be abused and slaughtered where there is a profit to be made.”
~ Tony, Australia 

“I would just like to thank you all again for everything you have done for my growth physically and mentally.  I will never forget any of you.”
~ Chris, United States