Using My Voice

Thank you for teaching me, Gentle World. You have grounded me in my morals, thoughts, and actions. I know the future of the planet’s health relies on my generation. I will do my absolute best to ensure we set a new precedent of standards. 

To know that something like this exists in this world gives me so much hope, inspiration, and courage to keep pushing forward.

It’s a gentle world; it’s a gentle place; it’s a gentle life. I have had the absolute pleasure of being hosted by this lovely group of people. 

When I became a vegan last year, I was a bit lost without a community of experienced leaders to guide me in this moral undertaking. I have been exposed to a lot of negative stereotypes of veganism and I had become determined to be part of the change of re-establishing and spreading its beautiful message. 

When I stumbled across Gentle World, I found a lovely little family that is doing just that: they are all united in a message I firmly stand with, that injustice anywhere is still injustice. They have grounded me in the message that I should use my voice for those who can’t. 

A Gentle World volunteer picks string beans in the veganic demonstration garden

I learned so many new things– about the world and about myself. I loved knowing I was in a place where every possible measure was being taken to protect the sanctity of life. The dogs (Freedom and Fawn) are angels. The view from the deck is heaven.

And the food OH the FOOD! If you were on the fence before about vegan cuisine, you’ll find that perhaps it was because you didn’t know how to properly cook tofu, or “rocket fuel” (a smoothie), chocolate ice cream, or eggless omelets. 

I am a college freshman at Dartmouth, and I am actually currently writing this from my dorm room on the 4th floor, overlooking the library. I am the president of a recently founded club called “Eating for the Earth” (E4TE), which is a sustainable/plant based/vegan group of students passionate about the positive impacts of reducing consumption of animal products. 

My experience at Gentle World has done nothing but reaffirm all of the philosophical and moral benefits that I noticed about veganism when I first considered making the life-altering shift. 

It was so easy to connect with such a caring group of people. My Activities included working in the garden and planting string bean babies—I can call myself a proud plant mum! I loved immersing myself in the process of growing life, and very good tasting life at that.

I picked produce like cherry tomatoes, string beans, nutrient-rich greens, oranges, and lemons. It was awesome to immediately go from “farm-to-table” and harvest the food that I consumed later that day. I also learned how to cook very hearty and delicious meals; I personally especially loved being the “juicer girl” and making the fresh squeezed orange juice. 

I learned how to enjoy every little moment—I was brimming with happiness when I was sweeping, reading, writing poetry, walking the dogs, doing dishes, or whatever other ways I could help.

Gaining insight from people who have been practicing the vegan lifestyle for over four decades was extremely humbling. Having a personally crafted educational experience is something I’ll treasure forever. 

I know in my heart that I will return some day. Whenever I am anxious, stressed, or worried, I simply close my eyes and think of all the warm embraces and memories that I was able to have during my time at this non-profit. 

To know that something like this exists in this world gives me so much hope, inspiration, and courage to keep pushing forward even in the most trying of times. I will forever be grateful; I will forever spread their message of how love and compassion should be spread to all sentient beings. 

Thank you, Gentle World. 



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