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Eureka! We Found It.

Eureka! We Found It. post image

For many years, Gentle World volunteers have been searching for the ideal location for the expansion of our vegan educational program in Hawaii. During this time, we have been limited by our two acres of space, even as the number of visitors seeking to participate in our program increases year by year.

Now, we are elated to announce that thanks to a generous loan from an anonymous vegan benefactor, Gentle World is the proud owner of 34 acres of magnificent countryside, in the foothills of the Kohala Mountain on the Big Island of Hawaii.

This extraordinary land has stunning mountain and ocean views, a temperate climate all year round, the deepest soil in the state, and enough room, water, sunshine and just the right elevation to grow everything from coconuts to soybeans.

Here is where we will realize our vision of VeganLand: an oasis of peace for the vegan in everyone, in the international hub that is Hawaii.

Thank you, as always, for your support. We look forward to sharing the news of our progress with you all!