Vegan FAQ: Demystifying Veganism with 20 Simple Questions

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By sharing the insights we’ve gained over our many years as long-time vegan educators, we hope the Gentle World Vegan FAQ will help readers come to a clear understanding of what veganism is all about, so they can feel empowered about making the transition.

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Making the vegan transition has never been easier than it is today. Nevertheless, there’s still a lot of confusion around what that means.

We’re grateful to have the chance to share with readers of this book our responses to some of the questions we hear most often from people interested in learning about the vegan philosophy and way of living.

For those who are new to veganism, we hope you will find it to be a helpful and informative guide. For those who are new to vegan advocacy, and those who have heard these questions dozens of times yourselves, we hope that you’ll find it a valuable resource to assist you in fielding the inquiries of others:

If the whole world became vegan, what would happen to all the animals already on farms? Wouldn’t they overrun the planet?

Other animals prey on one another, so why shouldn’t we? It’s a part of natural life.

What about the plants you kill or harm by eating vegan?

Why should I care so much about animal suffering when there are so many other important issues to focus my attention on?

What do I do with all the items I already own that are made from leather, wool, silk, etc.?

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1 review for Vegan FAQ: Demystifying Veganism with 20 Simple Questions

  1. Anonymous

    Gentle World’s free ebook titled Vegan FAQ: Demystifying Veganism with 20 Simple Questions is the best one I’ve read yet. I agree with every single line of it. This is an absolutely excellent resource. It is written in a concise yet thorough manner, which is no small feat given how much can be said about veganism. The images are stunningly beautiful and moving. The tone of the writing is kind, positive, supportive, and encouraging.

    Personally, I prefer a whole foods plant-based no-oil approach to the dietary and health components. I know the faux meats, “cheezes,” and other processed products do help people change their habits, but I worry that in the long run, people will not be healthy eating these things and will ultimately decide that this “veganism thing” doesn’t work, and will go back to abusing animals. So I’m glad to see that the ebook gives small, justifiable mention to these products, but that it doesn’t push them heavily.

    I’m deeply gratified to see that the main thrust of the ebook is the ethical and philosophical area, because that’s the true measure of veganism, really. I believe we experience the most spiritual growth, becoming our best selves and expressing the most light and love into this world when we live the full ethics of veganism in its many expressions.

    Gentle World has long been a respected leader in raising awareness around the important topic of veganism. They shine brightly in this new ebook.

    ~Deb VeVe

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