The Cookbook for People Who Love Animals


Gentle World’s original publication is a classic of the movement that is much-loved as the very first full-length vegan cookbook in the United States. It has since sold over 100,000 copies, and continues to sell over 40 years later. Now in its eighth edition, and still in its original typeset, The Cookbook for People Who Love Animals is a piece of vegan history.

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Compiled in 1981, long before most of the world knew what the word ‘vegan’ meant, let alone that plant-based food can be even more delicious than standard fare, this lovingly-produced collection of delicious recipes is a true vegan classic.

The Cookbook for People Who Love Animals includes breakfast menus, soups and sandwiches, salads, dressings and sauces, side dishes, main dishes, bread and baking, and treats and beverages. This is a complete cookbook for your every cooking need, with over 300 recipes.

Thought-provoking quotes are included in between the recipes, and the pages are illustrated with charming hand-drawn illustrations which give the book a delightful vintage feel.

From our customers:

“I have had this since it first came out and it is STILL the best vegan cookbook according to my family… My mother ‘loved’ animals always but thought I would die when I became a vegan 43 years ago, as did my doctor. When I got to cook with Gentle World for an event and bought her this cookbook, she became vegan.”

“This is one of the best vegan cookbooks. This is a great cookbook for anyone looking for down-to-earth useful recipes. The recipes are easy and practical.”

“This has to be the most beautiful cookbook I have ever seen! It is full of really cool drawings of cows, sheep, dogs, and flowers. I also really enjoyed the quotes. The cookbook is completely vegan and full of easy to make recipes.”

“I highly recommend this book to other vegans and also to non-vegans who are interested in knowing why we do not eat or use animals or any products derived from them. And for those who would like that infamous question answered, “Then what do you eat?” Reading this book provided a very spiritual experience for me, with the quotes, poems and essays included throughout the book touching my heart and soul deeply.”

“The Cookbook for People Who Love Animals was the very first cookbook I purchased when I became vegetarian in 1989, and it started me on a journey of healthful, compassionate eating and living. Thank you!”

“My copy of the cookbook is worn and tattered and taped together. Before my daughter-in-law married my son, this is the book I lent to her. Now my granddaughter and grandson use it.”

“To inspect the pages of my cookbook, you will find well-worn, recipe-stained, note-taking pages filled with years of my vegetarian cooking education. I have purchased other vegetarian cookbooks since then, but yours is the cookbook that I will never get rid of. So thank you, such a great book and wonderfully yummy recipes!”

Over the years, I have bought many – yes, hundreds – of copies of The Cookbook for People who Love Animals for distribution to local groups.”

“Love Incredibly Delicious, but still Gentle World’s classic Cookbook for People Who Love Animals is at the top of my favorites list :)”

“I have enjoyed my 1983 edition of The Cookbook… for all these years. It is unique and refreshing; a gift to all who read it.”




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