Why I Will ALWAYS Be Vegan: 125 Essays From Around The World


Why I Will ALWAYS Be Vegan was born from a writing contest that challenged vegans from all countries to answer that question in under 400 words. The resulting 125 essays offer insight into the perspective of committed vegans all over the world. The book is dedicated to the preservation of what it means to be vegan.


In 2015, long-time vegan and animal rights activist Butterflies (Marcia) Katz invited fellow vegans to explore the topic Why I Will ALWAYS Be Vegan with a 400-word submission. The top 125 responses were compiled into this book, which includes entries from over 50 countries including Africa, Croatia, Syria, Kazakhstan, the Philippines, Hungary, Estonia, Slovakia, Cyprus, Romania, Egypt, Portugal, Indonesia, Iceland, Estonia, the Ukraine, and the Czech Republic.

This is a truly heart-warming book that makes a perfect gift for new and aspiring vegans.

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