2017… and here we are

Veganism is non-violence in action; a sure, safe, practical, painless, easy, highly effective and absolutely free choice that everyone can make to help save all who live from humanity’s most destructive, dangerous addiction.

If we may say so ourselves, and we do, we human beings are an extraordinarily brilliant species. The self-proclaimed kings and queens of Planet Earth, we have reigned supreme, unchallenged, with absolute power over all other life forms, for tens of thousands of years. If our minds had been perfectly sane and our hearts free of malice, we would have by now, created a world of peace and plenty for all. But alas, here we are, in the year 2017, still struggling to survive in a violent world of our own making.

The history of The Human Race is the sad, mad tale of a species that cannot or will not, for the life of it, control its lust for violence. The legendary saga of our rule chronicles an ongoing trail of carnage left in our wake, wherever we have ventured forth.

Even now, in the most modern, civilized era ever known, here we are, after producing generations of heroes, geniuses and saints, still killing, maiming, be-heading and torturing our own and all other species we can get our hands or weapons on, individually and en masse.

What’s wrong with us? Why are we seemingly incapable of resolving our conflicts otherwise than with violence? Where did this lust for violence come from? How did we become so numb as to accept as normal the sickening sight, sound and smell of it? Why don’t we even talk about it? Don’t we know that we have a choice? And if so, why don’t we just stop? Are we mad?

Or could it be that after eons of violent behavior, we have become addicted to it? Is it possible that we have been poisoned, from the very beginning of our lives, by the unspeakable violence inherent in the animal products we consume on a daily basis? After centuries of ingesting the bodies and bodily fluids of other species, doesn’t it stand to reason that we would be hooked, not only on the perceived pleasures it provides, but on the violence itself? It flows through our blood streams, sullying the cells of our brains, and numbing our hearts. Trapped in our predatory nature for all these centuries, having developed a tolerance for more frequent and larger doses, here we are, after lifetimes of evolution, inviting it in to all aspects of our existence, from sports and entertainment to our sex lives.

But now, finally, for the first time in our long and bloody reign, our superior intellect has come to the rescue with the discovery of a new way of living that, when adhered to, offers real hope of an actual cure for our addiction. Unlike a drug that masks the symptoms of a disease but cannot get to the cause, this miraculous cure surely and permanently lifts us up and out of our violent nature.

This evolutionary, healing way of life is called veganism, a concept that is just beginning to grow out of its infancy. The idea is simply that eliminating the products of violence from our food and from our lives weakens our violent nature, as it strengthens our gentle one. More than a theory, the exploration of veganism has become a mass experiment, held over the past half century, involving volunteers all over the world. Thus far, the overwhelming evidence has shown that it does, indeed, make us gentler, calmer and kinder.

Here in Gentle World, we have held our own experiments for the past 47 years, during which time we have had the privilege and pleasure of inspiring and observing thousands of men, women, children and more than a few dogs, in various stages of transitioning to the vegan way of life. And now, here we are, at the start of another new year, thrilled to announce that the absolutely astounding results are in, and the good news is spreading to all corners of the earth.

Veganism is non-violence in action; a sure, safe, practical, painless, easy, highly effective and absolutely free choice that everyone can make to help save all who live from humanity’s most destructive, dangerous addiction. And any human being, regardless of race, gender, age, creed or nationality, is empowered to do it.

If, in this coming new year, all peace-loving people resolved to live the vegan ideal, we would tip the scales of human evolution, propelling us from a species feared by our own and all others, to a heretofore unknown non-violent human species, capable of experiencing the elusive love we long for, that has been, until now, just beyond our reach.

It’s 2017… and here we are.

Wishing all our readers a happy, healthy, vegan new year, with love from the Gentle World team.



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