The Conscience: Our Guide to a Truly New Year

Most of us have had our moments, even in the midst of our busy lives, when we have found ourselves face to face with our conscience and can hear its voice clearly and distinctly.

Living in a world of endless information, we are too often distracted from the steady stream of guidance coming to us from within.

Even when faced with life-altering or affirming decisions, the voice of our most trustworthy advisor in our struggle for safety and sanity is many times drowned out by the constant demands of a multitude of louder voices. The result is that this powerful ally remains unheard and unheeded, for not only days or even months, but sometimes years at a time.

Miraculously, all human beings, regardless of age, gender, nationality, creed, economic status or sexual orientation, have been blessed with a self-generating infallible navigator we call our conscience. Amazingly, this ever-present internal voice is 100% accurate in determining what is right and what is wrong in every situation. It is the one and only of the many voices clamoring for our attention that we can trust to never lead us astray, and always coax us, gently but firmly, in the direction of our better selves… and at the same time, into greater harmony with one another, as every conscience is in agreement with every other.

Most of us have had our moments, even in the midst of our busy lives, when we have found ourselves face to face with our conscience and can hear its voice clearly and distinctly. These are moments of epiphany, when doubts and confusion disappear and we understand, with absolute certainty, this simple, yet profound truth: that our willingness to live The Golden Rule is the gauge by which we can measure how far we have come in our climb from who we are to who we long to be.

So, I’ve been thinking:

Now that we have, contrary to the prophecies of many, somehow weathered the threats of 2012 and are on the brink of 2013, this could be one of those moments. We can, if we but will, remember our forgotten ally and allow our conscience to lead us into a truly new and enlightened year and era, simply by resolving to do unto others that which we would want done unto us and not do unto anyone that which we would not want done unto us… beginning with just one day.

I know it may sound like an impossible dream, but imagining it could be the first step toward making that dream a reality, so let’s try to imagine…

One whole day in which no sentient being anywhere on this earth need fear any human being for any reason, because violence and cruelty toward anyone, in any form and to any degree, would cease to exist.

One whole day of no killing, no wounding, no raping, no torturing, no warring, no slaughtering, no butchering, no fighting, no bullying, no hunting, no imprisoning, no greed, no lying, no cheating, no stealing… But rather, one whole day of empathy, kindness, sweetness, honesty, compassion, generosity, justice for all, and goodness of every sort.

Just imagine…

One whole day of real peace on earth…

… for the first time in human history…

Imagine that…

… if you can.



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