Incredibly Delicious: Recipes for a New Paradigm


Collected over our 50-year history of vegan food innovation, Gentle World’s most recent recipe book includes a diverse array of international vegan dishes, illustrated by over 40 full-color photos. The reader will find over 500 recipes to explore, from quick & easy meals to gourmet cuisine that’s sure to create an impression.


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From the celebrity banquets we hosted in the 1980s, to the menu at the highly successful Vegan Restaurant on Maui, mouthwatering vegan dishes are Gentle World’s claim to fame. Incredibly Delicious also includes an extensive chapter on raw foods, a resource section with alternative products and ingredients, instructions for sprouting, growing wheatgrass, discovering wild edibles, cultivating a vegan-organic garden, and recipes for your nonhuman companions. Inspiring quotes on every page encourage the reader to explore messages of peace and nonviolence from some of the greatest minds who have ever lived.

From our customers:

“Exceptional recipe book. Healthy foods, inspirational quotes, beautiful photos, good-sized, easy-to-follow book layout and healthy tidbits and passages.”

“This is one of my favorite cookbooks. In fact, I’m partial to almost anything produced by the Gentle World people ever since I purchased this book of theirs. I’ve pulled it off my bookshelf many, many times when I was craving ‘something’ and I’ve never been disappointed.”

“I have many cookbooks but this is one of my favorites. It has great recipes, beautiful photographs and lots of quotable quotes.”

“Easy to follow yet delicious results for even a beginner. I love the broad selection and quick easy directions that can vary according to taste.”


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