veganic growing

sprout growing from soil

What is Vegan Organic Gardening?

If you're new to gardening or are looking to transition your garden to a vegan-organic plot, then these pieces will help. From how to set up your compost pile to an overview of veganic fertilizers, they are filled with a wealth of information worth checking out.
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small hand shovel filled with soil next to pot and other gardening tools

What’s Hiding in Your Organic Fertilizer?

If you're concerned that some common organic practices support animal farming, then it’s time to learn about the byproducts in your fertilizers, the health risks they pose, and the alternative, green, truly organic fertilizers you’ll find in your own backyard, or on the garden store shelf.
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A compost bin holding discarded vegetable scraps and other organic matter

Beginner’s Guide to Composting

You can successfully create rich, nutritious soil from composting fruit/vegetable peels and kitchen scraps, leaves, grass clippings and any trimmings of trees and bushes that are in their green, soft state.
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VeganLand’s First Veganic Harvest!

As VeganLand's very first garden bed, this is a milestone for the project, which we hope will be the land's first step in becoming a demonstration model for the production of sustainable plant foods grown without inputs sourced from animal farms, feedlots, or slaughterhouses.
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worms held in a bit of dirt

The Wonder of Worms

There's no need to contain worms in a worm box to receive the benefits of their activity. In your garden they can choose to go where they want when they want, aerating and enriching the soil as they travel, distributing nutrients throughout the garden without their natural lifecycle being disturbed.
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Baby green plant seedlings growing in soil

Veganic Growing in Action

It's always a joy to give people the opportunity to reconnect with where the food we eat comes from, and the veganic cultivation of plant foods is a beautiful thing to take part in.
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Gardening trowel with plants in the soil

Easy Guide to Vegan Organic Fertilizers

If you’re new to veganic gardening and searching for alternatives to blood, bone and other so-called “organic” fertilizers, then this list of eco-friendly soil amendments will strengthen and support your green thumb.
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corn stalks beginning to sprout

Veganic Gardening and Farming Resources

As the Veganic (Vegan Organic or Stockfree Organic) movement continues to grow, many online resources have become available for new and experienced gardeners and farmers who are interested in these sustainable and ethical growing methods.
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young girl concentrating in the garden

Outdoor Activities for Kids

The love of nature is important to a growing child’s health, as well as the health of their relationship with the natural world. Among these silly, fun and educational activities, we hope you and your little ones will find new ways to enjoy and appreciate the nature around you.
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dandelion ready to shed its seeds

Weeds Worth Growing

Could it be that weeds are serving a much-needed purpose in your garden or lawn? And could it be that these pesky weeds are in fact just as nutritious, or more so, than the plants you’re protecting from them?
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cucumbers growing on the vine

12 Vegan Garden Tips

Here are some simple tips to help you plan out your spring, summer or fall veggie patch. We hope they inspire you to start plotting out your home garden for next year and to grow pesticide- and stock-free!
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Purple lupins growing in a field

Green Manure Crops

Keeping your gardens covered with green manure crops is an excellent way to keep your soil healthy in between growing seasons.
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