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Nutritional Yeast now available in NZ!

Nutritional Yeast now available in NZ! post image

Up until recently, vegan Kiwis have been unable to obtain savory yeast flakes fortified with B12… You can get savory yeast flakes in bulk bins across New Zealand, but although there a good source of the other B vitamins, they are not fortified with B12, and, honestly, they simply don’t taste as good as the Red Star yeast flakes that we love so much.

For summers at our New Zealand center, we have always brought nutritional yeast with us from the US, as it is a source of Vitamin B12, as well as being one of our favorite seasonings and an essential ingredient in anything cheesy (check out this page for info and recipes). But it’s always been a problem when we introduce local people to the product, as they have no way of buying it themselves.

But lately we discovered that there is now a brand of fortified yeast that’s available right here in NZ. Lotus Brands in Australia is now selling their Savory Yeast Flakes in health food stores around the country, and the flakes are indeed fortified with B12. So, it’s good news for Kiwi vegans, and for our upcoming cooking class, where we’ll be introducing local folks to this wonderful ingredient.

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