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Aiming for Freedom

Aiming for Freedom post image

~ from Out of the Jungle, by H. Jay Dinshah

“Vegan aims are much more than just ‘animal welfare’, with a bit more feed for the slaves, cleaner cages for the vivisected, or another box of bandages to plaster over the terminal cancer that is animal slavery and exploitation. In short we are abolitionists, though non-violent ones, for how we accomplish something is every bit as important as that it is done (and often more so).

In this, there are some parallels between modern vegans and the uncompromising human-slavery abolitionists of the 19th century: those human-rights pioneers were not content to press for reforming the institution of slavery that they perceived as unjust, rotten and corrupt from the roots up. They did not just petition for lighter chains, and anesthetic during whipping or maiming, or campaign for a minimum age for separation of the young from their parents, or press for greater quantities of feed for the human beasts of burden, or demand a more humane maximum 12-hour workday.

Though presumably aware of varying conditions and side issues of slavery, they were not content with merely crying for more just and humane servitude, more compassionate slavery, or other contradictions in terms. They were not turned from the only logical goal by rationalizations that this cotton was supposedly picked by slaves whose kindly owner gave them enough to eat, or that tobacco was grown by slaves whose God-fearing master had scruples about whipping on Sundays.”