Vegan Nation: Gentle World on WCUW

We greatly enjoyed our recent conversation with Marlene Narrow, who invited us onto Vegan Nation to discuss Gentle World’s work and history, and the greater meaning of veganism within the context of the consciousness of humanity:…
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The Growth of Veganism

We recently got together with James Cox from Human Insights, who interviewed Gentle World’s founder Light about his 50+ years of veganism. They were joined by Gentle World’s Outreach Director Angel Flinn, to discuss the hope that veganism brings.…
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Gentle World’s Founder on the Airwaves

After 52 years of vegan life, Light’s extraordinary experience has given him a unique perspective that is guaranteed to inspire, and his recent appearances on various vegan podcasts have given him the chance to do just that.
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A double portrait of Gentle World's founders, then and now

50 Years of Veganism!

Back in 1970, Gentle World was not even a dream in the minds of its founders. But these two individuals were beginning to lay its foundation.
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