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“Whipped Dream”

“Whipped Dream” post image

Now that ready-made vegan whipped cream is available in many health food stores, it’s not really necessary to make your own… But if you prefer the home-made approach, this recipe works well and is absolutely delicious.

1/4 cup organic soy milk (thick, creamy)
1/4 cup dry sweetener
2 Tbsp. vanilla
3/4 cup light-flavored organic oil (sunflower)

1. Pour soy milk into a blender, keeping it just under the tips of the blade. Add sweetener and vanilla.
2. Start by blending this mixture, then turn the blender to high speed, slowly adding the oil.

The soy milk will thicken up to a “whipped cream” consistency. You can use this on any of your favorite desserts.

This recipe has been reproduced from Incredibly Delicious: Recipes for a New Paradigm, which includes over 500 recipes and all sorts of tips to help make the transition to veganism easy and delicious.