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We Made It!


It is with great joy that we share the news of our fundraising goal being not only reached, but exceeded, and we are delighted to inform you, our supporters, that you have collectively contributed over $10,000 toward the VeganLand project.

Each day, as your donations have appeared on our screens, we have been moved again and again by the generosity of our readers.

On behalf of VeganLand’s first residents, we wish to express our gratitude to those of you who have donated, those of you who have helped to spread the word, and those of you who have sent messages of encouragement and solidarity. Thanks to all of you, we have now raised more than enough to provide everything our new friends will need in order to settle in to their new home. We look forward to sharing with you the news of just how far the funds end up going.

Only a year and a half ago, these five beautiful beings were born into a world that saw them as objects with no value other than the profit their bodies were capable of generating.

Now, we find it heartwarming to realize that Bella, Naevia, Iolana, Mirijam, and Anela have been rescued and adopted not only by Alessandra, HLFARN, Helena, Magical Creatures, and those of us here in Gentle World, but by an extended family of friends who recognize that each individual life embodies the sanctity of all life.

We wish to thank you all for welcoming these girls into the sanctuary of our collective care, and into the haven we co-create when we turn our backs against injustice and bigotry, and when we free our minds from the unnatural prejudice that insists on compartmentalizing sentient beings into arbitrary categories that deem some as worthy and some as unworthy of protection, some as deserving and some as undeserving of respect, some as valuable, and some as valueless.

Your generosity and your humanity have helped to turn these five salvaged lives into a celebration of life.

Bella, Naevia, Iolana, Mirijam, and Anela don’t even know what $10,000 means.

Nevertheless, everyone who played a part in this heartwarming effort can be confident in the knowledge that they will certainly know what it means to spend the rest of their lives being loved, being cared for, and being very well-fed.

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