Frontier Co-op
Sustainable spices, herbs, teas and seasonings. A member owned co-operative.

Herbamare & Trocomare
versatile herb salt

San J Tamari
Organic tamari & shoyu with wheat-free & reduced-sodium varieties.

Black Salt
Sulphur salt – makes Eggless Salad or avocado taste like real eggs.

Royal Himalayan Crystal Salt
100% pure Mineral Salt, from a pristine area in the Himalayas.
Transition Nutrition

Vegetarian Bouillon Cubes with certified organic ingredients
Soup ‘ N Stock Concentrates
Organic Gourmet

Vegan Bouillon & Broth
Organic, no GE, no hydrolized vegetable proteins.
Rapunzel Pure Organics

Organic Country
Vegetable bouillon cubes in 2 flavors; vegetable & herb.
No MSG or hydrogenated oils.

Spike Seasoning

Bragg Liquid Aminos
A delicious salty flavored seasoning & source of protein made from soybeans.

Premium Grade Himalayan Salt, including Salt Plates, Salt Slabs, Bricks & Cubes, and Crystal Salt

Real Salt
Redmond Minerals, Inc.

Celtic Sea Salt
Authentic, unprocessed whole salt from one of the most pristine coastal regions of France.

Salt Works
Gourmet Sea Salts

Hawaii Specialty Salt Company
Ancient Hawaiian Seasoning
Hawaiian ‘Alaea Sea Salt