Primal Strips
Soy, Seitan & Shiitake Mushroom

Vegi-Jerky in 4 flavors
Meatless meats in three flavors

Sandwich Slices
Lemon Broil Tempeh
Stir Fry Seitan
Meat of Wheat Chicken Style
Baked Tofu
Refrigerated product line.
White Wave

Heartline Meatless Meats
Stonewall’s Jerquee
Lumen Foods

Vegan jerky, sausages, deli slices, Thanksgiving ‘Tofurky’
Turtle Island Foods

Wild Dogs
Hot dog alternative.
Wildwood Harvest Foods

A vegan, fully cooked holiday centerpiece turkey alternative.
Gourmet meat analog; contains vegan wine.
Breast of UnChicken
BBQ Unribs (seitan-based)
The UnKabobs (seitan-based)
Now and Zen

Veggie Ribs
Chicken Chunks
Soy Burger Mix
Soy Ball and Loaf
Soy Taco Mix
Soy Chili Mix
Soy BBQ Mix
Harvest Direct, Inc.

New Menu Vegi Dogs
Meatless Hot Dogs

Imitation bacon bits
Frontier Co-op
Norway, IA.

Soyburg USA
Soy chicken
Pleasant Farms

Chicken-free Patties/Nuggets/Buffalo Wings

Dixie Diners Chicken Not! & many other products