LifeStream Toaster Waffles
6 frozen varieties
Nature’s Path

New England Natural Bakers
natural and organic bars, cereals & trail mixes

Teddy Puffs
A wheat-free cereal snack for toddlers (or adults).
Found in health food stores.
Healthy Times

Flax Plus Multi-Bran Cereal
LifeStream Natural Foods

Puffed Kashi
Kashi Breakfast Pilaf®
Kashi go®
Cooked organic grains with real fruit.
The Kashi Co

Kamut Whole Grain Cereal
Arrowhead Mills, The Hain Food Group

Van’s All Natural Waffles
4 kinds including wheat-free, multi-grain, organic.
Van’s International Foods

Health Valley Brown Rice Flakes
Amaranth Flakes
Fiber 7 Flakes
Oat Bran Flakes
Breakfast Bars
Health Valley

Erewhon Aztec
Corn Flakes
Kamut Flakes
Fruit On Wheat
Wheat Flakes
Raisin Bran
Crispy Brown Rice Cereal
Banana O’s
Apple Stroodles
Barley Plus
Other hot cereals
Found in health food stores.
U.S. Mills

Natural Wafflers®
Original, maple, cinnamon and vanilla-nut.
Sold in health food stores.
U.S. Mills

Nature’s Path Multigrain, Millet-Rice, Mesa Sunrise
Fruit Juice Corn Flakes, Hemp Plus, Cinnamon Flakes
SoyPlus, 8 Grain Sesame, Buckwheat Wild Berry
4 of the EnviroKids Organic Cereals
hot cereals in a carton
100% organic.
Note: Some of their cereals contain honey.
Nature’s Path

Barbara’s Shredded Spoonfuls
Bite-Size Shredded Oats
Shredded Wheat
Corn Flakes
Breakfast O’s
Brown Rice Crisps
Soy Essence
Crispy Wheat
Note: Some products contain honey.
Barbara’s Bakery

Peace Cereals
8 vegan varieties
Note: maple-raisin contains honey.
Mostly organic and no GMO.
Golden Temple