Caring for Your Non-Human Friends

Book Review: The Plant-Powered Dog

The Plant-Powered Dog gently guides the reader through complex evidence-based research, presenting seemingly endless data in support of the efficacy of a well-balanced, nutrient-dense canine vegan diet.

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Dog enjoying a vegan dental chew

Dental Care for Vegan Dogs

For caregivers of vegan dogs, the growing range of plant-based oral care products is a blessing, making it possible for our rescued friends to enjoy good dental health without having to sacrifice our vegan values.

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Tabby cat resting on his side on a bench in the garden

Can Cats Be Vegan?

Raising cats on a vegan diet requires a commitment to ensuring they are getting all the nutrients they need, including taurine and l-Carnitine. Having said that, we have read and heard claims of many healthy plant-powered cats.

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Helping Your NonHuman Friends During Fireworks

For those with dogs and cats in the house, it’s important to make a plan beforehand so that you can be prepared in advance, rather than waiting to see how your friend responds to the sounds. If this isn’t their first time, you’ll have an idea of how he or she reacts, so you can plan accordingly.

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This unusual company produces animal medical supplies including non-adhesive bandages, as well as a range of other products for health, hygeine and general companion animal care.

Vegecat, Vegecat kibble mix, Vegekit, Vegedog
Supplements for vegan cats and dogs
Cats lack the ability to synthesize taurine and certain other nutrients, making a dietary source necessary.
Vegecat makes it possible for cats to be vegan.
Owner, James Peden, authored Vegetarian Cats and Dogs.
Harbingers of a New Age

100% Vegan, Complete & Balanced

Evolution Diet Pet Food
For dogs, cats and ferrets.
All Evolution Pet Foods contain only non-animal derived ingredients.
Top of the line ingredients; twice the amount of protein as other vegan formulas.

Nutritionally complete and balanced for kittens/pups to mature adults.
All raw ingredients used in this food are of human grade quality and where possible ORGANIC.

Dog Ear Infection Treatment, made with all-natural ingredients.

Vegan Cats
Vegan owned/operated.
(temporarily unavailable, hopefully back soon!) 

Hokamix 30
Herb blend for dogs/cats.
Naturmix, USA

Plant-based homeopathic remedies for your pets.

Front Porch Pets
the original sweet potato dog chew

Barley Dog
Barley Cat

Max and Ruffy’s
Organic, human-grade dog treats
Totally vegan company

Veggie Animals
A company in Spain providing a range of vegan foods for dogs and cats which are formulated, developed and supervised by a team of veterinary experts.