There is no force powerful enough to stem the tide of an idea whose time has come. We can no longer, in good conscience or in good health, continue to exploit animals for food, clothing, entertainment, experimentation or for any other reason.

The vegan concept is not a fad that will pass with time. It is a necessary shift in thinking, that will lead to a heightened empathy and concern for others. It is the expansion of compassion, which is the single most important step in the next evolution of humankind.

When we consider the wolf and the elephant, the shark and the ox, the weasel and the deer, we find that it is not the size or strength of the animal that determines his or her nature; violent or gentle. It is that animal’s food source.

We humans are also animals. Therefore, it is our food source that determines our own nature; violent or gentle. A gentle human nature is essential if we are to evolve; and we must evolve, if we are to survive.

by Light
Gentle World co-founder