Vegan Dog Treats for Your Plant-Based Canine!

Have you ever tried shopping for vegan dog treats? It can be a little trickier than one might think, so we’ve gathered in one place the companies you can count on to provide plant-based treats for your canine friends.

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It can be a challenge navigating the dog treat market as a vegan shopper; however, rest assured we’ve identified several companies providing treats your pup will be sure to enjoy! Read below to get the scoop on vegan dog treats for canine friends! 

Companies that provide 100% vegan dog treats only 🙂

Cookie Pal

Made from organic, gluten-free and non-GMO human grade ingredients, each Cookie Pal treat can be broken into four pieces, which makes them perfect for any sized dog. Notable is the mouthwatering aroma that hits your nose upon opening each bag of treats. Our dogs can smell them a mile away and come running as soon as we open the bag! 

Unique to Cookie Pal is the company’s commitment to being a Zero Waste business and a B Corp Company, both of which require the company to put sustainability measures into practice and adhere to workplace requirements that promote the advancement of women, encourage employing our newly-arrived immigrant neighbors, and endorse an inclusive work environment. Their clear commitment to ethical practices and the creation of high-quality plant based dog treats makes this company truly stand out.


V-Dog’s Breath Bones have a special hypoallergenic formula that is easily digestible and allergy-friendly. These low calorie treats are free of soy, corn, wheat, artificial ingredients, dyes, sweeteners, and preservatives. They utilize strictly nutritious plant-based ingredients like sweet potatoes, chia seeds, broccoli, and breath-freshening cinnamon and parsley. Our dogs go wild at the mere sight of these treats and, of course, it doesn’t hurt that they also fight tartar, help prevent periodontal disease, and reduce overall inflammation.

Save 20% on your first subscription order with code SUBSCRIBE20. V-Dog also offers free shipping for all orders over $25.  

V-Dog Breath Bones are made with healthy, whole-food ingredients

Benefit Biscuits

Locally sourced in the US Pacific Northwest and made with intention, Benefit vegan dog treats are free from GMOs, corn, wheat, soy, and artificial preservatives, and are made with your canine companion’s health in mind. Each treat, labeled with the ailment it addresses or the benefit it confers, provides a specific nutritional benefit to your pet. Treat types include immunity, fresh breath, protein, digestive, and urinary health treats.  Benefit Biscuits are small enough for a 15-20 lb. dog to comfortably chew, and our dogs go wild for the protein peanut butter flavored treat!

Dr. Chew

These dog snacks are made from organic sweet potatoes, which are high in vitamin A; an essential nutrient that supports vision, bone growth, and immune response. Dr. Chew’s snacks can last up to a couple of weeks depending on your dog, and will keep your dog entertained while they simultaneously clean their teeth and balance their digestive and gut health.

Curry n Pepper

This company carries vegan dog food, supplements, treats, bath and body products. As all of their products are free from allergens like wheat, corn, and gluten, as well as preservatives, binders, and artificial colors. Curry n Pepper is a great choice for sensitive dogs, or those with autoimmune conditions. Their unique Ayurvedic approach allows caregivers to craft a regimen tailored to any dog’s unique energetic needs. We hope to see Curry n Pepper in Europe and the US someday soon. For now, their shipping is limited to India. (They do offer international Skype consultations for those looking to transition their animals to a vegan diet. The consultation includes fully-balanced recipes created with a holistic vet, designed to meet any dog’s unique needs.)

Companies we wish were vegan... 🙁

Lord Jameson

These treats look and smell good enough to eat yourself, but we learned after testing them out on our dogs that some of the flavors contain honey. Buyer beware! Even the website is a little unclear as to which flavors are and aren’t vegan, so if you find them on a shelf somewhere, make sure you read the ingredients list before purchasing. On the plus side, Lord Jameson uses certified organic ingredients, 99% of which come from the US or Canada.


Similar to Dr. Chew, Snooks vegan dog chews and chips are made from sweet potatoes and are ideal for dogs with skin sensitivities as they are 100% natural, GMO-free, and hypoallergenic. Sadly, some of their items contain bee products.

Also check out our article on dental care for vegan dogs, which explains the key role that dental hygiene plays in the overall health and wellness of our canine friends.

Dog enjoying a vegan dental chew

Dental Care for Vegan Dogs

For caregivers of vegan dogs, the growing range of plant-based oral care products is a blessing, making it possible for our rescued friends to enjoy good dental health without having to sacrifice our vegan values.

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