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Vegan Art Supplies from Colors of Nature

Vegan Art Supplies from Colors of Nature post image


Sadly, it appears that Colors of Nature has gone out of business. 🙁 If any reader hears of another company providing similar products, please let us know so we can update this post accordingly. 


It may seem like it shouldn’t be any trouble to source vegan art supplies, but in fact there are many potential pitfalls that the vegan artist can stumble into. From pigments made with carmine and bone, to animal hair brushes, ox-gall watercolors, rabbit-skin glue and gelatin sizing, animal products find their way into the artists’ world just as they do, sadly, into many other areas of life.

Thankfully, there are alternatives available, and many companies are beginning to understand that there is a demand for vegan options. So before jumping to any conclusions about your current collection, it might be wise to contact the companies that provided them and ask them straight out whether there are any animal products in the items you’re using. Empty Easel has a great list of what those ingredients might be, in case your friendly customer service rep needs a little help in figuring out whether their products are, in fact, vegan.

And if you’re looking for a reliable source for your next purchase, Colors of Nature creates vegan certified paints, natural earth pigments, animal-free brushes and brush soaps, along with tree-free paper made from bamboo, banana fiber and hemp.

“Colors of Nature products provide artists, who are looking towards an environmentally sustainable future, with high-quality, prepared paints that they can use with confidence to create beautiful and lasting works of art.”

All paints and supplies developed by Colors of Nature are tested on canvas, wood and paper and on willing human participants (for potential adverse reactions to skin) and animals are never used at any stage of research, development or production.

Our special thanks go out to Colors of Nature for providing a vegan and earth-free alternative to traditional art supplies. Now vegans can really unleash their creativity!

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  • monika bunting August 30, 2020, 5:51 am

    It looks like colors of nature is no longer in business. Any ideas on other plant based wax for encaustic artists? Thanks

    • Gentle World September 10, 2020, 4:19 pm

      Thank you for bringing this to our attention! I’m so sorry that we’ve been unable to find any company producing vegan encaustic wax. If you ever find any, please do let us know so we can let our readers know. Best wishes.

  • Uma Rye May 6, 2020, 5:03 pm

    This is so cool! 🙂

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