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The Shangri-La Experience


Thank you so much for welcoming me so kindly to Shangri-La. As soon as I found out about Gentle World on the internet I knew I had to visit. Sometimes things immediately resonate with us, and this was one of those moments. All of 2012 I saved for my airfare. To visit with you and experience your love and generosity is something that has changed my life, to see what is possible.

~ Lisa, Australia
Thank you all for making us so welcome yesterday at Shangri-La. We were really impressed with your philosophy, communal spirit and work you are doing. This may well mean a life change for us. On our drive back home today we both felt that we were part of your family even after less than a day together, which has never happened to us before!

~ Ross and Loretta, New Zealand

Only one word can describe my experience: Excellent. My expectations were superseded. Thank you all for welcoming me into your community. You have influenced me so greatly.

My education was focused on agriculture, but what I learned with you all has exceeded the almost sixteen years of education I’ve had. I’ll just say it: Veganism is the answer, and I’m so glad that my life was already heading in that direction. I’m scared and excited for what will come next. A new chapter in my life and this is only the beginning of my journey. Being vegan has been super easy, for the first day on the road… I love that I’m aware.

I’m extremely thankful that a community such as yours exists. What an amazing and excellent experience I had. I felt so at home and peaceful. Nothing in my life could top that. I felt so numb to the experience until the bus started driving away and I started crying for at least thirty minutes. It was very difficult to leave. Even writing this makes me tear up. Love you all!

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! 

~ Jesse Seiden, United States


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