Gentle World’s work is made possible
only by the dedication of our volunteers
and donations such as yours.

We are a small non-profit run solely by volunteers, so you can rest assured that every donation goes directly to supporting our educational programs. Your donation will not go toward paying a staff member’s salary or toward the costs of mass mailings for promotional programs such as future donation appeals.

As well as providing support for our website development, vegan cooking classes and other free public events, your donation helps to fund the maintenance costs and ongoing educational work carried out at our two “experiential learning” centers, where we offer:

  • Simple, but clean accommodations maintained by our volunteer staff
  • Healthy and delicious vegan meals and cruelty-free toiletries for our visitors
  • Educational resources and daily learning opportunities that help our guests to understand:
  1. Veganism: What, Why & How (ethics, nutrition, food preparation, gardening, animal care, and more)
  2. Living Lightly: conserving water and other resources (reducing, recycling & responsible consumerism)
  3. Building a Sustainable Future: The Values of Communal Living (co-operation, sharing, ecology, frugality, integrity, and more…)

Thank you again for your kind donation and for supporting our work.

“A man can do only what he can do. But if he does that each day he can sleep at night and do it again the next day.”

–          Albert Schweitzer