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Egg-Free Omelettes

One of our favorite ways to prepare tofu is as an omelette or a scramble. It’s good for breakfast, lunch or dinner, and you can make so many variations that the possibilities are plentiful. Once you’re confident with this recipe, try it out with some different variations – you can use just about any veggies in the saute, or try a handful of grated vegan cheese to really give it some delicious flavor.

Chocolate Cream Pie

The deliciously ‘creamy’ texture of silken tofu creates the perfect base for everything from salad dressings and pasta sauces to soy yogurt and even… chocolate cream pie. Yes, chocolate cream pie for vegans… Does life get any better? This decadent dessert is deliciously velvety and delightfully rich, yet it contains zero animal products. If you don’t […] Read more

Gentle World Plant-Based Healing Seminar post image

On October 23rd, Island-based cardiologist Lawrence Derbes spoke at the Gentle World educational center in North Kohala, bringing his message of plant-based healing to dozens of inspired attendees. After 23 years of practicing cardiology, Dr. Derbes abandoned his practice of performing cardiac catheterizations and other interventional procedures in 2013, in favor of practicing strictly preventive care, with an emphasis […] Read more

The Incredible, Edible Vegg! post image

We’re always excited about new developments in the vegan culinary world, so we were super-curious when we heard about “The Vegg.” This vegan company created a splash in the vegan blogosphere when its creator explained that the powdered egg replacer could be used to recreate the taste and texture of an actual egg yolk.

As We Soy, So Shall We Reap post image

The emergence of vast monocultures that are destroying huge tracts of Amazon forest, catastrophic depletion of water and other resources, colossal pesticide usage, enormous reliance on genetic engineering… It sounds like yet another illustration of the callous disregard for the future of our planet for which the animal industry has become infamous.

Spring Rolls

Spring Rolls post image

Spring rolls take a bit of preparation, so I don’t recommend these for people who are looking for a quick, convenient meal! This is a recipe that is reserved for special occasions, or for food service situations when ‘mass production’ is possible.

Tossed Tempeh Salad

Tossed Tempeh Salad post image

Here’s another recipe that uses tempeh, one of our favorite ingredients. Tempeh is a bit more expensive than tofu, so it’s a bit of a luxury in our kitchen, but it adds a lovely flavor and texture that always makes us want to use it again.

This holiday, why not dress up your table with some festive delights that have nothing to do with the traditional menu? As long as the foods are beautiful and delicious, who’s to say what a holiday table should contain? … Following is a selection of recipes that are aesthetically beautiful, mouth-wateringly delicious, and will offer your guests and family an opportunity to enjoy a peaceful holiday menu that will delight the taste-buds of all.

Tofu/Tempeh Chunks & Cutlets

For those of us who aren’t scared off by soy, here’s a great way to prepare two old favorites: tofu and tempeh.

These two soy-based foods can be used interchangeably for any of these recipes, so feel free to mix, match and generally experiment until you learn how you like these the best… Once you get the basic technique down, you’ll find that these are really quick and simple to make.

Italian Lasagna Vegan-Style! post image

This is a recipe we reserve for special occasions, such as when we’re in celebratory mode, or when we’re trying to impress people who are skeptical about vegan food. It’s fairly time-intensive, but the end result is well worthwhile. If you like the concept, but are keen on the idea of an easier version, scroll […] Read more