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~ Tiziana Picasso I was a vegetarian for two years when I arrived in Shangri-La. But I never really thought about veganism. I didn’t want to give up my cheese (I’m French, you understand?) The first words there were “Vegan is the first step.” Done, I was vegan. We had delicious meals every day in […] Read more

from Jesse Seiden, United States: For me, visiting Gentle World was the beginning of my journey, but I was so impacted by the peaceful sanctuary and the amazing people who live in it, that I decided to come back to end my time in New Zealand there. My intention upon arrival was to learn about […] Read more

It Must Have Been Lovely post image

In October of 1970, as an anthem for the very first Earth Day, American singer-songwriter Tom Paxton wrote a haunting song painting a picture of the planet as it might one day be… devoid of the wonders of the natural world.

The Shangri-La Experience

  Thank you so much for welcoming me so kindly to Shangri-La. As soon as I found out about Gentle World on the internet I knew I had to visit. Sometimes things immediately resonate with us, and this was one of those moments. All of 2012 I saved for my airfare. To visit with you and […] Read more

Florida Vegan Event a Huge Success! post image

On September 8th, Gentle World sponsored “It’s Easy to be Vegan!” – a free vegan educational day in South Florida that attracted over 200 people. This vegan extravaganza was facilitated by M. Butterflies Katz, along with a fantastic team of vegan volunteers whose collective effort created a hugely successful event. “It’s Easy to be Vegan” was […] Read more

Chimpanzee Voices Plea

Chimpanzee Voices Plea post image

The following article, written by Paul Harvey (an American nationally-syndicated columnist) was published in a Los Angeles newspaper on January 1, 1980.   I have just endured one of the most cold-sweat experiences of my life. I heard the “voice of an animal.” Any hunter has heard animals cry before they die – yet, we go on hunting. If that […] Read more

Free Educational Event in Coral Springs, Florida: “It’s Easy to be Vegan!” post image

On September 8th, join M. Butterflies Katz and friends at the Northwest Regional Library in Coral Springs for a demonstration of just how easy it is to be vegan. In addition to the educational program, which includes a presentation by Butterflies, a complimentary vegan luncheon will be served, along with free samples of specialty products. […] Read more

What is Pain to a Fish? post image

From salmon making the long journey from river to ocean and back, to goldfish swimming circles around a small pond, the inner lives of fishes are a mystery that scientists are only beginning to unravel.

A Guide to Veganic Volunteering post image

After spending a year volunteering on different farms and subsequently helping to host volunteers as a grower, I’ve learned a lot about what make a “good volunteer” and how to find the farm that is right for you.

Gentle World: A Dream that is Shared post image

By living our values, and welcoming those who are willing to do the same, we strive to become a tangible example that it is possible for human beings to live and work together cooperatively, healthfully, productively and gently, toward a truly sustainable future.