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This past Sunday, five days into the month of July, five beautiful beings departed Magical Creatures of Hamakua, and traveled to Kohala to become the Magical Creatures of VeganLand.

As one might expect, convincing these dairy rescues to leave the safety of their sanctuary was no easy task. Upon arrival though, it didn’t take long before they made themselves at home. Within the first ten minutes, they had set off exploring in every direction multiple times, reveling in “all-you-can-eat” grass.

In a stroke of tremendous good fortune, our two current volunteers, Holly and Elsa, were at Magical Creatures for three and six months respectively, prior to coming to Gentle World for the past several weeks, so they were able to be a part of the welcome party. As a result, the cows were met on this new terrain by people they already loved, and before they even knew what it was they were coming to, they were welcomed by the loving voices of two trusted caregivers they had come to know as family.


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