Why Vegans Don’t Eat Eggs

The idea that family or backyard farms can provide an ethical alternative to battery farming ignores some of the fundamental issues at the heart of the egg issue.

“The sad reality is that, no matter how well-treated laying hens may be in their foreshortened lives, they remain the product of enormous and intentional cruelty that is inflicted only because people want to consume eggs.”

~ Peaceful Prairie Sanctuary

Despite the prevalence of the modern myth that family or backyard farming is an ethical alternative to large-scale, industrial, factory farms, the reality is far from how it is portrayed. From hens to goats, sheep to cows, the nonhuman residents at sanctuaries around the world tell a different story, and their human guardians are determined to spread the word that backyard eggs are not the way of the future.

Of course, this isn’t news to many of us who happily avoid eggs in favor of vegan alternatives, and for those who are moved to join this growing trend, you can rest assured that it’s easier than ever to replace eggs in baking, as well as for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

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