Vegan Meal Delivery: Your Splendid Spoon Subscription Donates to Gentle World

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For those new to plant-based eating, or with little time for food preparation, Splendid Spoon’s vegan meal delivery is a service to keep on your radar.

Sign up as a subscriber using our affiliate link, and 15% of your order will be donated to Gentle World, helping us to expand our online and in-person vegan education.



UPDATE: Splendid Spoon has recently changed their subscription plans to allow customers more flexibility to mix and match.

A vegan meal delivery can certainly seem like a luxury, but for those with busy lifestyles, sometimes a little help can go a long way. And who doesn’t love sitting down to a healthy and delicious vegan meal with zero preparation?

Splendid Spoon plans are designed to help you create easy and healthy eating habits. With over 50 ready-to-eat meals, you can kiss meal planning goodbye.”

From nutritious smoothies and detox shots to lunch bowls and dinner noodles, Splendid Spoon’s vegan meal delivery service has something for everyone. And in addition to full meals, they also offer five light soups as a ‘Reset’ package, which aims to rebalance your digestive system in just one day. 

You can specify ingredient “avoidances” and select flavors you’d never like to receive. No spicy seasonings? No cilantro? No tree nuts? No problem. You can rate meals that you like and those you don’t. You can even banish certain dishes from the menu if you don’t want to see them next time you order! And with over 50 dishes to choose from, you can create a customized vegan meal delivery every week. 

The service is designed as a subscription, but it’s possible to order just one week at a time, and the company makes it easy to place an order and then cancel, or to skip any week you like.

All meals are vegan, low-sugar and low-sodium, and are free from both gluten and soy for those with allergies. All ingredients are non-GMO, and most are organic. 

Our reviewers had the chance to test out Splendid Spoon’s service, and they all gave it a thumbs-up. For a home-delivered convenience food, these professionally-seasoned dishes taste like fresh, home-made food. Check out our full review of Splendid Spoon for more information.

A vegan meal delivery service like Splendid Spoon could be a godsend for those who have little time for food preparation. It’s also helpful for those who are cooking for one, and those traveling outside of their comfort zone. For those who are new to veganism and perhaps a little unsure as to how to make healthy, satisfying plant-based foods, it might help ease the transition.

With a wide variety of dishes to choose from for breakfast, lunch and dinner, they pretty well have you covered. Potent ‘shots’ for wellness and detox provide an instant nutrition boost. The only thing missing is dessert! We hope there are wholesome, healthy options in the works!)

If you think Splendid Spoon might be worth a try, please remember to use our affiliate link, so you can show your support for Gentle World while supporting your own healthy eating goals. We’re happy to have a new partner in our fundraising efforts, especially one that can help make vegan living even more convenient, healthy, and enjoyable.


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