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Partnering with Te Whare Rongoā

Image by Sharain Liew from Pixabay

Te Whare Rongoā (House of Medicine) is a charitable trust in New Zealand’s Northland. Serving the Far North community with a high percentage of Maori clients, they offer well-being services through education in plant-based food and herbal medicine, while also offering support to people with substance use disorders.

We are proud to announce that we will be collaborating throughout the New Zealand summer, to provide farm-fresh veganic produce for their program, as well as hosting garden tours and workshops, and native plant medicine walks with Te Whare Rongoā’s medical herbalist Anah Van Dorp:

“Since 2011, Gentle World has provided a safe haven for our clients to come to for nurturing through diet and the healing power of nature after they’ve detoxed with us for any number of substance use disorders.

Currently, we offer our clients produce from their bountiful gardens. As far as traditional herbal rongoa (medicine) is concerned, we have a pristine environment here, away from roads and other pollutants for making the highest quality traditional Maori medicine.”

In order to provide an even greater variety of plant-foods to their participants, the team at Te Whare Rongoā have helped us to expand the Shangri-La gardens, sponsoring the fencing of an entirely new garden site, allowing us to plant more this year than ever before, including new crops to feed Gentle World’s volunteers and visitors, as well as the participants in the Te Whare Rongoā program.

  Please join the Rees family, as they take you on a (pretty adorable) tour.

Magic Rees has been growing organically for nearly 40 years, and in the year 2000, he became Shangri-La’s head gardener and veganic educator, serving as a tutor, role model and mentor to innumerable aspiring veganic growers who have passed through Gentle World.

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