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New Resources for Vegan Dogs and Cats

New Resources for Vegan Dogs and Cats post image

Gentle World volunteers frequently receive inquiries from vegans looking for reliable information about feeding a healthy, nutritious plant-based diet to their companion animals.

A while back, we put together a comprehensive guide to feeding vegan dogs, as well as an explanation of how we have approached feeding vegan cats. But recently we also found out some other great sources of information that we’re enthusiastic about sharing with our readers.

One fantastic Facebook resource is The Vegan Dog Nutrition Group, which now has over 2000 members. This is a great thing for the growing community of vegan dog caregivers, who can now share experiences and concerns with a network of like-minded people from all over the world. What’s really exciting, however, is the fact that the group’s membership includes a number of vegan veterinarians who are very generous with their time and knowledge, helping vegans to navigate their way through the confusing terrain of health and nutrition for their canine friends. Huge thanks and kudos to Sarah Austin and Butterflies Katz for creating and managing the group! (Butterflies also put together some great resources on her own blog: 100 Vegan-Eating Dogs and Vegan Dog Food Products.)

The new website www.EcoDogsAndCats.com is another fantastic place for vegans to visit, where they can find all their favorite foods, supplements, treats, toys, grooming supplies, and other essentials for their vegan canine or feline companion. The site’s owner, Delta Farrington, is a caregiver to both a dog and a cat who have been eating a plant-based diet for seven and ten years, respectively.

And finally, for a really simple summary of how to feed a plant-based diet to your dog, check out this refrigerator reference chart from Kelly Witwicki Faddegon, which offers a very uncomplicated breakdown of how to compose a healthy vegan meal for a dog. Kelly put the chart together from the information in this wonderful blog post. Please be aware that some supplementation is also necessary. See our guide to feeding vegan dogs.

Thanks to all our friends who are helping to make it easier for vegans to give shelter to the many cats and dogs in need, without sacrificing their commitment to non-violence in all aspects of their lives. And remember, if you want to share your home and your life with a non-human friend, please adopt rather than buying. Animals are not meant to be bought and sold like merchandise, and shelters everywhere are overflowing with animals of all sorts, from cats and dogs to rabbits, hamsters, and even pigs and hens. You could be a life-saver to one of these animals in need.


Sarah Austin’s special canine friend, Millie

Post image credit: Vegan Dog Nutrition Group