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Love Letters

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“What I learned with you all has exceeded the almost sixteen years of education I’ve had. I’ll just say it: Veganism is the answer, and I’m so glad that my life was already heading in that direction. I’m extremely thankful that a community such as yours exists. What an amazing and excellent experience I had. I felt so at home and peaceful. Nothing in my life could top that.”
~ Jesse, United States

Coming to Shangri-La, I had no idea what to expect. What I discovered was a beautiful, magical world filled with equally beautiful, inspiring people. It has been such a pleasure and an honor getting to know each and every one of you. Thank you so much for your inspiring stories, snippets of wisdom and your generous spirits. I have learned so much about myself here. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”
~ Casey, New Zealand

“I am so glad that the world brought me here. It has been such an amazing time. I really enjoyed learning from all of you. Everyone of you has so much wisdom and you are incredible people. Before coming here I thought I knew what being Vegan was but I really did not have the slightest clue. You showed me that it is much more than what you eat but it’s also a beautiful, harmonious way of life.”
~ Glade, United States

“I feel so blessed to have stayed here, to know what the Vegan life is, and to meet these wonderful people!! I’ll never forget what you have all done for me and the things you have said.”
~ Nahoko, Japan

“Thank you for helping me to be the highest person I can be. Vegan is who I am, it’s who we all are. Thank you for reconnecting me to the animals and to this lifestyle. I have learned a lot in five short days just by watching how you all live. I truly think the world is changing and its been unreal to meet people who pioneered the movement. Thank you.”
~ Ivy, United States

“Words could never truly express what this experience with you all means to me. I cannot thank you enough for creating and cultivating such a magical place; a sanctuary of truth, a place to overcome modern fears, an oasis of hope for the world. Thank you for reminding me of what is sane and reminding me of who I really am. My life is enhanced having come here and the world, too, is enhanced, for your existing. Thank you for teaching me lifelong lessons and for being unwavering about your mission. I’m infinitely inspired by you all.”
~ Doorae, Hawaii

“My vegan family! You guys transformed me into a person I am proud to be. I see life differently. Vegan will be the new me. Every single one of you will always be remembered because each one of you taught me something I will never forget. Thank you ALL for making me BRIGHTER!!!”
~ Rosy Cruz, United States

“This has really been a wonderful experience!!! All my friends here are awesome, helpful, and great. You have built a gentle place in this violent world. I learned a lot in the past week, and I think I was destined to come here, and to be educated here. Thank you Gentle World!!!!”
~ Ying, China

“You are true stewards of the land, superheroes to all living things, and my newest family of friends. I had no idea how holistic of an experience this would be, and now I embark on this journey feeling less afraid, with a bigger, lighter heart, and a smile my whole body feels. I leave feeling more connected to all worlds than ever before.”
~ Marissa, United States

“Thank you so much for having me here!! You all really inspired me and I feel that this one week I spent in Gentle World has been life changing. I will keep being vegan in Japan!!  Again, thank you so much.  I love you all!!!”
~ Yuzuru, Japan

“Thank you for your kindness, acceptance, and sincerely caring for my well-being! I have found you all through a desire inside my heart to work with vegan people who are mindful, kind and loving. Thank you so much for all the love and support. I love being here and hope to come back, learn more, and live with my Vegan Family for another phase.”
~ Rachel, United States

“A day has not passed where Debbie and I don’t discuss or feel the importance of our visit to Gentle World. We both feel that we can do more now; we’ve always known that we must. It was liberating and invigorating to meet a community of individuals where veganism is normal and commodification of sentients is avoided for its immorality… Going to Gentle World was a profound experience for us.”
~ Ben, New Zealand

“I miss all of you, and I’m so full of gratitude and deep appreciation for all you’ve done for me. I’m enjoying my new vegan lifestyle, and not finding it difficult at all.”
~ Kathy, United States

“…You all are a shining star of hope in a vast landscape of illusion and pain, and there you all stand, strong in your conviction, a mass army of light workers teaching us and all who cross your path; the truth and honour in veganism.”
~ Holly & Harley, Canada

“No words could capture the emotions I’ve felt this week. I feel like you’ve reminded me how to live, and for that I’ll always be grateful.”
~ Chantal, United States

“I still think back to the time I spent with you and I would have loved for it to be longer. But it was life changing and it helped put me on the path I am on now… Unaware to you all, you have had a profound impact on my life, mainly because you showed me another, more gentle way was possible.”
~ Mark, Ireland

I feel blessed to have learned from you and your community at such a young age.  It left an imprint that still affects me to this day. I don’t see why I would ever turn back.”
~ Aaron, United States

“This will go down as one of the most important times in my life! You all lead by example which has made it easy to take the vegan message on board. I’ve had time to think about the important problems I need to help be a part of solving.”
~ Joe, England

“My few days here were too short. Staying here was a very powerful and momentous experience for me. Everyone was so nice and welcoming, and I’m very sad to leave. Many thanks and Mahalo.
~ Ben, United States

“I want to say thank you once again for encouraging us to follow the path of truth. Since we left you, we have been getting rid of all the non-vegan products in our lives. In the beginning it was hard, because we felt some kind of attachment to material stuff. But after getting rid of it, it felt like a liberation. We are also quite active in promoting a vegan lifestyle and animal rights. I am doing my best to show people the advantages of veganism – co-organizing a vegan festival and organizing lectures…
~ Isabella, Austria

“What can I say? Thank you for your hospitality, your warmth, your humor, and your SANITY!  Such a breath of fresh air in an insane culture. I may have been here for 24 hours, but I’ve been profoundly affected by all of the beautiful people here. I leave GW full to bursting with confidence and hope. I’ll be back sometime, sooner than later. Thank you all so much!!”
~ Kyle, United States

“You’ve inspired me to be a better person. I’m now more excited about the life ahead of me. With your cookery book in hand, my education will continue.”
~ Maria, Poland

“I would like to thank you all for changing our lives for the better… We are both remaining strong in the vegan ways and it has become a large part of my identity, so much so I jokingly now refer to myself as Vegan-American… Had I not had the chance to catch a snippet of your daily lives I would have never considered the vegan lifestyle. I will look back at my time spent with Gentle World fondly and with great appreciation.
~ Eric, United States

“Coming here was meant to be, and it has been an amazing experience. I’ve learned so much from all of you, and have a whole new refreshed perspective of veganism and the idea of living with kindness.”
~ Ricky, United States

“I have had the most amazing time here at Gentle World, you have really opened my mind and I have learned so much good from every single one of you. I am very excited about taking this knowledge and way of life back home and spreading the word!”
~ Caroline, England

“You have a model community, one that you should be proud of. Thank you.”
John, United States

“Such a help to a new vegan. Thank-you, all of you.”
Avila, New Zealand

“Thank you for promoting veganism and a saner pace of life. You are very much appreciated. I’ve been a fan of your organization for many, many years and have one of your first cookbooks.”
James Peden, Harbingers of a New Age, United States

“You are an inspiration to us.  It’s not every day that one meets individuals who have the courage to live with conviction and integrity.”
Minne & Stanley, Hawaii

“I just found out about Gentle World and I’m so glad the two places exist. It’s amazing what you do. I hope to come and stay some time soon to experience living in a gentle world and to help out your mission. A vegan community, my dream… Thanks for all that you do!”
~ Tim, Australia

“I can’t tell you how thankful I am for you letting me stay here at Gentle World. I feel like such a better person for knowing each and every one of you guys. I had such a great time here, the food was great and the company was even greater. I will definitely leave here with a better view on how to live my life the way I want to. This past week will never be forgotten and I hope to take what I’ve learned here and teach people.”
~ Kyle, United States

“I think of you all often… I’ve learned so much from the community, my choices and ways of doing things are forever changed.”
~ Harmony, United States

“Thanks for showing me you can’t separate the dairy industry from the meat processing industry. An animal is an animal, and he or she will always be abused and slaughtered where there is a profit to be made.”
~ Tony, Australia 

“I would just like to thank you all again for everything you have done for my growth physically and mentally.  I will never forget any of you.”
~ Chris, United States 

I just wanted to reach out and say that the Gentle World family have been a recurring theme of my musings and meditations since our last encounter some short months ago. I often dwell on the significance you all played in catalyzing the metamorphosis that took place during those summer months half a year ago. The indelible impression softly etched onto the foundation from which I stand, glows luminous as the one year anniversary of my adoption of veganism approaches.”
~ Bryce, Hawaii

“Dear Gentle World Giants… Thank you and mahalo for accepting me into your home. I admire each and every one of you for your kindness, genius, “common” sense, strengths, positivity and the work ethic and shared laughter and love. I feel like you are family. I’m grateful to have met the people who have been an enormous influence for a peaceful, vegan world.”
~ Karen, United States

“Thank you so much for welcoming me so kindly to Shangri-La. As soon as I found out about Gentle World I knew I had to visit. Sometimes things immediately resonate with us, and this was one of those moments. All of 2012 I saved for my airfare. To visit with you and experience your love and generosity is something that has changed my life, to see what is possible.”
~ Lisa, Australia

I can’t thank you enough for having me at your beautiful sanctuary. You guys have changed my outlook on life as a whole. I hope to someday have a sanctuary as amazing as Gentle World. Thank you again for spreading Veganism.”
~ Harvest, United States

“Thank you all for making us so welcome yesterday at Shangri-La. We were really impressed with your philosophy, communal spirit and work you are doing. This may well mean a life change for us. On our drive back home today we both felt that we were part of your family even after less than a day together, which has never happened to us before!”
~ Ross and Loretta, New Zealand

“We are so grateful to you for opening your home up to us. You have opened our lives to a new reality that we are now able to see and explore further. I am very excited about taking things I have learned here and sharing than with my friends and peers back home. Thank you so much.”
~ Carly and Natalie, United States

“Thank you all for giving me the chance to volunteer here. I hope one day that the schools will be like this and kids can learn more about life. I’ve had no meat or animal products in a week and I don’t miss them. I will continue to be vegan, not just for health. It’s for life.”
~ Daniel

“I want to say thank you to every single one of you… You have changed my life forever. You helped me open my eyes and find the truth I think I needed. You are all truly beautiful people, the way you live is equally beautiful. As a whole you are the kindest most gentle, warm hearted people I have ever come across. You will always have a place in my heart!”
~ Taylor

“Thank you all so much for the knowledge and wisdom that you have passed on to me. Living a vegan lifestyle will be much easier for me now. I appreciate the hospitality and intellectual conversations, and of course the amazing food!”
~ Nature

“I feel like I’ve learned far more from you than I would have expected. I learned so much about the love we carry in us: for other people, for animals and for ourselves. I learned about appreciating the world we live in and I feel so much better now than when I got here. You guys helped me grow in a way that I never expected. Thank you so much for understanding where I am at, accepting me for who I was and helping me to develop. Thank you for making me feel welcome and letting me be part of your community. I am thankful for every day I spent here and I am positive about coming back one day, to fully experience this place. Until then, I wish you all the best!”
~ Leonie

“Thank you first for opening your home and community to us. We were immediately aware that this was unlike any place we would probably ever visit. Over our stay here, we realized how true that was. While I was a Vegan before my arrival, I feel reborn and reeducated and more devoted than ever to spread the truth.”
~ Sarah

“Thank you for sharing this world with us and allowing us to live amongst this beautiful community! A week just isn’t long enough, yet my life will be changed forever! I will always remember your kind words of wisdom and encouragement, your kindess and cooking tips, your warm and helpful attitudes, your encouragement, and your positivity! I can’t tell you how much I’ve learned from you and I can’t say thank you for everything enough! See you next time in Shangri-La!”
~ Forrest