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Letter from Woodwardia

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At the beginning of our Shangri-La season, we had a visit from a very interesting fellow. As well as following our website and newsletter for years, he is also the steward for Woodwardia, a vegan land and marine conservation society. Upon his return home, after a week spent here in Shangri-La, he shared with us these beautiful photos of the animals in his Canadian home.

I live on a magical property with miles of coastline and few humans. Upland wetlands and waterfalls, beavers, eagles, whales, dolphins, river otters… The list goes on and on.

This little guy was born at Woodwardia and over the last two years has become a close friend. Initially he and his mother would come for leaves from the orchard trees. Then, as summer would come to an end they would feast on apples, plums, crab-apples and, believe it or not, the skins of bananas. He likes kale in the winter.

When I returned from Gentle World he came to greet me, looking for a handout of course, and a little playing.

Last night the live trap caught a (Neotoma cinerea) Wood Rat. Their nests are a work of art; very similar to that of a beaver. It was too cold outside, so I kept him or her indoors until morning. I found an old comforter and brought it along for the release under a big cedar tree. The day had brought the sun and a bit of warming, so I said a farewell and wished my friend well in finding a new home. As I freed the “Rat” that most humans want to kill, I took solace knowing that at least one was saved.

Later that day I saw a (Lontra canadensis) River Otter, down by the beach. I have spent many hours watching them play in their group, just like a little village.

For two years, we also had a Woodwardia Wabbit. But he or she has left us to places unknown. The story of your rabbit was moving and reminded me of ours.

Animals are the main reason I’m still on this planet. The Herbivores are the most calm sentient beings I have ever met.

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