A Place of Peace

Written by Kate Bowry

New Zealand

I have been a gardener for most of my adult life, and a vegan gardener for over 30 years. I developed a love for the garden early on, as a place of peace as well as produce. My knowledge of the plant kingdom and soil chemistry was established in my university studies in botany, chemistry, and geology. This led to an aim at self-sufficiency, as well as a love of the land, with fresh air and sun to enjoy. A strong bond has always developed between myself and my various gardens, with a love of landscaping and attention to aspect for cultivation of different plants.

Recognition of the seasons and the best times for planting and reaping; soil types; composting, and seed-saving, and no-dig techniques, have all been an integral part of understanding plants in their living environment in the garden. Veganic principles of soil care prove to be as efficient at maintaining mineral levels as are conventional animal manuring practices, without the negative risk of bacterial contamination which can so often lead to gastro-intestinal disorders from eating unwashed produce.

The veganic garden, even a small plot, can be a ‘land-of-plenty,’ and provide a vast selection of seasonal food for the discerning vegan. A wide range of vegetables including roots, stems, leaves, and fruits can be produced all year round (in New Zealand) or with small cloches for protection. Tree crops including macadamias and walnuts provide excellent protein foods for the vegan diet, and soft fruits and stone fruit can be espaliered when space is at a premium. I use only rain-water in my garden, and my plants thrive and provide more than enough food for family, friends, and visitors.

I count my blessings as a retired vegan gardener.

Special thanks to Butterflies Katz for including this in her compelling essay collection highlighting diversity amongst vegans:
I’M A VEGAN: One Movement, Many Voices.



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