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I Know I’m Doing the Right Thing

~ Tiziana Picasso

I was a vegetarian for two years when I arrived in Shangri-La. But I never really thought about veganism. I didn’t want to give up my cheese (I’m French, you understand?)

The first words there were “Vegan is the first step.” Done, I was vegan.

We had delicious meals every day in Shangri-La, I didn’t feel like I was giving up anything.

I had nice talks and realized animals are not food or any kind of profit. They are beings (just as us) who deserve to live the life they want (just as us).

The first night, I had a funny dream. In my dream, the only thing I could see was some LIGHT and the only thing I could feel was some LOVE. When I woke up, I knew I was doing the right thing. I had no doubt.

The time stopped during my week in Shangri-La. I felt really happy (and really impressed). I was living among people who built a Gentle World. Can you imagine? A GENTLE WORLD.

I know it’s very utopian, but if everyone lived like this, we would live in heaven. Among ANGELs.

I was in a cocoon, for one week, becoming a BUTTERFLY.

We worked, even in the rain, because we wanted to stay. I felt at home there. The work was nothing boring or restrictive. We did what we did to provide food for the commune, to improve the garden, to maintain Shangri-La, to take care of things that were already there… No boss yelling at us, no seeing everything as money or profit.

The most important thing for me, is love (I’ll always remember “Love is the only reality”). If we open our hearts to all SOULs of this world, only the things that matter will stay. There wouldn’t be any war, weapons, hate, torture, cries, lower people, lower animals… Just GOLDEN hearts.

MAGIC happened during this week in Shangri-La. I didn’t know it at the time, but another world was opening to me.

I never felt so confident about anything else before. Everyone can turn his back on me, I know I’m doing the right thing.

I never felt so at peace.

I never felt so happy.

I hope thousands of people will cross Gentle World and feel like I do today.

I hope all the beings on Earth will one day live the life they choose.

We would be in EDEN.