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Getting Close!

Two weeks ago, when we launched our fundraiser in honor of Sun’s 79th birthday, our supporters responded generously to the invitation to help us bring five beautiful rescues from Big Island Dairy to their new home on VeganLand.

Together, we’ve raised almost $6000 toward this goal!

With the help of our donors and those who have worked to spread the word, Sun’s birthday fundraiser has done amazingly well. But we are still just over $2000 short.

With only 80 people donating $25 each, we would be able to reach our goal.

We realize this is a hard time for many. But if you are in a position to do so, please consider making even a modest contribution to help our campaign gain the momentum it needs to cross the finish line.

We are grateful, as always, for every ounce of support that comes our way. Every dollar donated, and every message of solidarity, helps to confirm our belief that our readers understand the significance of our efforts, and stand firmly behind us.

Meanwhile, we wish to share the following story of when the cows were first rescued from the dairy, which reminded us of the babies these five beauties were only a year ago, shared on Instagram by Helena, a Magical Creature herself:

A little over a year ago we opened the doors for five small calves during the Dairy Rescue organized by HLFARN. I picked out five of the scrawniest looking babies out of the 61 we rescued that first day, knowing they would require extra care and attention.

The following weeks were filled with bottle feedings, medical treatments, and socialization for these confused and frightened girls. Anela arrived with a massive abscess on her throat, Mirijam suffered from a joint infection, and Naevia had a bad eye infection.

Over the months that followed, these girls grew strong and healthy, and today they are happy and thriving. They are about 800 lbs each and they are not done growing yet!

We realized from the beginning that our 13 acre property wouldn’t sustain a total of seven cows (two arrived during the lava evacuations of 2018) in addition to our 23 goats, six sheep, 15 pigs and seven chickens. Last year we started looking into lease options for additional pasture land to let our girls graze, rather than being fed imported hay from the mainland.

If everything goes as planned we will soon be bringing our girls up to VeganLand — Gentle World’s beautiful 34-acre piece — where they will have room to roam and endless grass to graze.

*        *       *

Here in Gentle World, we can hardly wait.

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