Gentle World thanks A Well Fed World

In 2021, plant foods advocacy organization A Well-Fed World provided Gentle World with an outreach grant, enabling us to expand our online education with the help of a subscription to the volunteering platform Catchafire.

In 2021, Gentle World was grateful to receive a grant from A Well Fed World toward the expansion of our online education. The award allowed us to sign up for a subscription to the Catchafire platform, where nonprofits can get matched with skilled volunteers in a myriad of professions.

We’re thrilled to share the news that Catchafire has just approved us for a second year as a sponsored organization, completely free of charge!

To date, our one-year subscription has allowed us to be paired with a host of talented professionals, from graphic designers and copywriters, to social media strategists and SEO advisors. 

Among other significant contributions that are too numerous to mention, one vegan writer helped us to publish a comprehensive and well-researched guide to vegan pregnancy. We also anticipate soon being able to publish a guide to feeding healthy vegan kids. These are subjects we haven’t revisited since our publication of the seminal works on these topics in 1987 and 1988: Pregnancy, Children and the Vegan Diet and Vegan Nutrition, Pure and Simple.

We’ve also formed lasting relationships with a vegan WordPress developer for ongoing site maintenance, a registered dietitian to help review our nutritional content, and a nonprofit tax accountant whose pro bono services in 2022 alone equal thousands of dollars in money saved for our organization and its supporters.

Most recently, we were matched with a Google Ads specialist, who has committed to helping us expand our digital reach by making the most of our Google Ads nonprofit grant, targeting users who are specifically seeking the kind of information that we provide. 

The connections we’ve created through the Catchafire platform will last far into the future. We want to express our sincere gratitude to the kind folks at A Well-Fed World, an organization carrying out awe-inspiring work advancing global food security, environmental protection, and animal rights. Their support of our online outreach has helped tremendously toward our goal of bringing our message and vision to a wider and more engaged audience.

In addition to saving our organization thousands of dollars in administrative costs, our Catchafire volunteers have also helped us bolster our outreach efforts with the publication of even more inspiring and informative content for our website. Our thanks go out in particular to vegan writers Lee Ann Blake, and Eryn Slankster-Schmierer, PhD.

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