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Gentle World Needs Your Help

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Dear Friends of Gentle World,

We’re reaching out to our supporters at this time to help us recover from the financial loss we sustained as a result of a devastating natural disaster.

A few days ago, in the middle of the night, we experienced major flooding at our New Zealand vegan educational center, caused by the biggest storm to hit our part of the country in over 20 years. After days of rain, with the river already up and the land saturated, a torrential downpour at four in the morning led to a flash flood that caused severe damage.

Thankfully, and most significantly, everyone is safe, and no one was hurt. Our losses, however, are considerable.

Two caravans were picked up by the river and wrecked downstream. Recently purchased building materials that were just about to be put to use were tossed about and broken, farm equipment held in a storage caravan was hurled downstream, a flourishing garden completely leveled, and our water supply sustained the worst flood damage ever.


The weather has now cleared and the river is close to normal levels, but the clean-up we are facing is enormous. The storm came in the middle of several important projects that are now on hold as we turn our attention to the most urgently pressing issues: restoring our water supply, repairing damage to accommodations, clearing up debris and retrieving the demolished caravans, as we continue our vegan educational efforts.

Contributions of any amount will be most gratefully received, and all donations are tax-deductible.