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Gentle World: A Dream that is Shared

Gentle World: A Dream that is Shared post image

“Tell me, and I will forget.
Show me, and I may remember.
Involve me, and I will understand.”

~ Confucius

If you’ve spent any time on our website or with a Gentle World volunteer, you know that our not-so-secret mission is to awaken the vegan in every human being.

After four decades of providing vegan education, we have found that we have had the most success by offering people who are interested in learning about vegan living an opportunity to participate in a live-in learning experience at one of our centers.

Our visitors range from long-time vegans, to those who have never met a vegan or even thought about becoming one. Each visitor who comes as a volunteer agrees to become a member of our team for that period of time, working side by side with Gentle World members, many of whom have been living a vegan lifestyle for decades.

In an informal atmosphere, the education includes veganic gardening, easy and delicious vegan food preparation, and integrated ecology lessons; like using dish water to water the gardens, catching rainwater for laundry, dealing with waste in a responsible manner, and re-using every resource that we can.

Our volunteer staff members are the life’s blood of our educational programs. For many years, with the assistance of temporary visitors, our dedicated team has completed all necessary work at both Gentle World sites. This includes the upkeep of our centers and grounds, the building or acquisition of structures necessary for accommodation or storage, garden maintenance, preparation of meals that are both healthy and delicious, facilitation of classes and seminars, educational writing, website and newsletter development, e-mail and phone correspondence, caring for our rescued companion animals, and soliciting the public contributions and support that make it all possible.

Our mission does not stop at the end of the day. Our volunteers remain on-call when needed, to guide visitors through the daily routine, explain our methods, answer questions and provide inspiration. When we’re not busy with maintenance of the centers or the education of visitors, we are working to expand our online resources by writing for and managing our website and monthly newsletter.

We willingly work toward our common goal, not for a salary, as no one on staff is paid. We are all committed to the goals of Gentle World because we believe that there is nothing more important, especially in these increasingly violent times, than creating and maintaining a model of a gentle world. By living our values, and welcoming those who are willing to do the same, we strive to become a tangible example that it is possible for human beings to live and work together cooperatively, healthfully, productively and gently, toward a truly sustainable future.

Our message seems to be growing in popularity, as each year, the number of people who seek our help and are willing to help us in return, is exponentially increasing. People from all countries, ages and backgrounds are discovering, as the truth spreads further and wider, that vegan cooperative living is a significant step toward the attainment of the peaceful world we all long for.

What you can do to help us awaken the vegan in everyone:

  • Become vegan! It’s the most important step you can take toward justice for all sentient beings everywhere – as well as for yourself, the environment, and for the evolution of humankind.
  • Help others to become vegan, by sharing your knowledge and understanding of veganism.
  • Become an ongoing supporter of Gentle World with a nominal annual contribution, or make a one-time financial donation.
  • When you read an article on our site or in our newsletter that inspires you, share it on Facebook, Twitter, vegan and vegetarian forums, and anywhere else you can think of.
  • Offer your skills as a volunteer at one of our locations (painting, carpentry, gardening, cleaning, cooking, etc.), or participate from your home if you have skills and talents you can share from afar (writing, photography, video production, WordPress development, etc.)

We wish to offer our sincere thanks to all who continue to support our work.