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Garden Fun with Little Ones

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A few weeks ago, we had a super-fun day here in Shangri-La, as we hosted a gathering of aspiring little gardeners from the local Playcenter.

Hoping to show these youngsters that it can be fun and exciting to eat (and grow!) fruits and veggies, we took them on a tour of the Shangri-La veganic gardens, complete with taste-tests and a delicious vegan lunch for both kids and parents.

It was a real treat to be able to offer these young children the opportunity to learn where their food comes from, and to connect with the miracle of life that provides us with sustenance, medicine and joy, through plants that grow in the soil.

One of the highlights of the day was the harvesting (and eating!) of one of the season’s first veganic watermelons – a healthy and delicious summer treat for kids of all ages!

And of course… Lunch! Both children and parents were served a healthy, delicious vegan lunch, and learned that food free from animal products can be fun and enjoyable.

Some snacks that are a sure hit with both kids and adults are carrot sticks with hummus and/or our Cashew-Carrot Paté, Banana Bread (especially in muffin form), Gentle World’s banini (vanilla malted shake) or chocolate/carob cashew milk.

But these little cuties seemed to really love the fresh fruit, picked and eaten straight from the trees – a rare treat for many people, and something that everyone in the world (of any age) should have the opportunity to experience.

After the tour of the orchards and veggie gardens, we took the kids to the river, where they had the chance to just be kids… Splashing around, and drinking the water that comes to Shangri-La straight from the bush.

Special thanks to everyone – from kids to adults – for making it possible for us all to enjoy the day!

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