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Five Steps to Vegan

We are bursting with pride to be partnering once again with BeFairBeVegan, this time to bring you
Five Steps to Vegan; an online program designed to make the vegan transition easier than ever.

Drawing on insights learned over many years as long-time vegans and vegan educators, Five Steps is a comprehensive, easy-to-understand, step-by-step guide to becoming vegan that is 100% free of charge.


From the program page:

We invite you to take your vegan future into your own hands, by coming to a clear understanding of what veganism is all about, gaining confidence about your nutritional needs and how to meet them, learning to navigate the consumer world as a vegan, anticipating social situations you might come face-to-face with, and finding assurance that you will have no problem providing for yourself and your family with ease and enjoyment.

Five Steps to Vegan starts in early January, with individual course modules to be released throughout the month. The full course, from start to finish, will be available on demand starting February. 

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