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Five Steps to Vegan Goes Live!

Friends, we couldn’t be more pleased to share with you the news that Five Steps to Vegan has launched, and Step One is now available!

Gentle World has worked closely with BeFairBeVegan to develop this online program, which has been designed to help new vegans gain confidence and assurance.

FIVE STEPS TO VEGAN is an online program inviting you to take your vegan future into your own hands. Our five presentations will provide:

• a clear understanding of what veganism is all about
• confidence about meeting your nutritional needs
• tools to navigate the consumer world as a vegan
• tips to social situations you might come face-to-face with
• assurance that you will have no problem providing for yourself and your family

STEP ONE: The Basics
Vegan: Easier Than You Think
More than a Diet, More than a Lifestyle
Breaking Through

Visit the BeFairBeVegan website to learn more about the program.

Image, S. Hermann & F. Richter/Pixabay

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