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Dr. Brite

Gentle World’s reviewers learned about Dr. Brite while looking for a vegan tooth whitening product. After discovering a surprisingly wide range of options and reading a number of reviews, we reached out to Dr. Brite because everything we had read suggested that their products were the most likely to be effective, while also being safe and nontoxic.

Dr. Brite’s website describes the company as a health and wellness brand offering safe and effective products that are free from toxic chemicals, inflammatory agents, and hormone disruptors. They make all their products without any animal ingredients or animal testing, and their range is free from sulfates, parabens, and phthalates.

As well as oral care, they also offer a variety of home cleaning supplies, as well as body care products, and a handful of items for cats and dogs, including nonhuman dental care items such as a tartar control pen.

We also appreciate their commitment to using naturally-derived, plant-based ingredients, and to avoiding wasteful packaging, while partnering with ethical and eco-friendly suppliers, and reducing their environmental impact.

What stood out to us about their teeth whitening products was that they were developed by the two founders, who are a doctor and a dentist with an interest in providing safe and effective oral care.

Our search showed us that there are a wide variety of teeth whitening products out there, from whitening strips and pens to LED treatments, but many of them contain ingredients that are harsh or abrasive, and some can even damage teeth and gums. We certainly read some ingredients lists that sounded like things we’d want to avoid.

As explained on the Dr. Brite blog:

“Products that contain harsh chemicals, especially when these chemicals are very concentrated, can damage proteins in the dentin layer of your teeth (the hard tissue behind your tooth enamel.) Harsh whitening products may also roughen or soften the tooth surface. A side effect that may occur from tooth bleaching over time is tooth sensitivity… Gingival irritation is another potential risk, and this is specifically the case when concentrated carbamide peroxide-based gels come into contact with your gums for prolonged periods of time.” 

Dr. Brite even offers a Teeth Sensitivity Relief Kit (made with natural ingredients like coconut oil, aloe vera, hemp seed oil, and anise extract) for those whose teeth have been damaged by other whitening products

We had the opportunity to try out their new Advanced Whitening Kit, valued at $199 (but available for $149 with an exclusive web discount.) Their website describes this kit as ‘the most effective whitening kit they’ve ever made’ and actually guarantees the results. We were told that the pens would last about 30 uses, and that we could expect results in as little as 1-2 treatments. They also have refill pens.

We were looking for a simple pen (which Dr. Brite also offers) and while we found the idea of an entire whitening kit slightly intimidating at first, this one turned out to be very easy to use. The gel is applied to the teeth with a pen one at a time, and then an LED mouthpiece is applied for 15-20 minutes. There is also a nighttime pen for an additional whitening routine.

Our experiments with the Advanced Whitening Kit confirmed that yes, it does indeed whiten the teeth, as Gentle World’s reviewer found that his smile was a few shades brighter after about a week of treatments. Enough to encourage continued use!

“We embarked on a journey to make top-quality care products non-toxic, safe for the environment and cruelty free while still being affordable for everyone. Our constant innovations are purely aimed towards making the lives of friends, families, and furry ones safe and healthy for a lifetime.”

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