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Dental Care for Vegan Dogs

Just like people, some dogs are predisposed to developing dental tartar, and we’ve taken care of a few with this problem.

Keeping teeth clean is super-important to help prevent disease further down the line, and we’ve learned the value of sticking to a regular dental cleaning regimen for our rescues, because otherwise their teeth become quickly covered in plaque that requires a cleaning at the vet, complete with anesthesia.

In addition to snacks of crunchy kibble, our two girls receive a daily brushing with a vegan toothpaste like the one in this picture from Best Friend Beauty, as well as a daily dental chew from VeggieDent or Snook’s. Since Fawn (pictured above) struggles with gingivitis, we also use Vetradent as an additive in their water bowl.

We’ve also done a bit of searching for canine dental chews, and for a while it was hard to find anything appropriate for vegan dogs. Things have changed in recent years though, with a fairly decent range available now.

For caregivers of vegan dogs, this growing range of plant-based oral care products is a blessing, making it possible for our rescued friends to enjoy good dental health without having to sacrifice our vegan values.

Note: To avoid the risk of choking on dental chews, it’s important to follow recommendations for size, with some companies even offering small-sized chews specifically for little dogs. And if you notice that your dog is not thoroughly chewing a dental chew, it’s best to take it away.

Vegan Dog Dental Chews

Snook’s Pet Products
V-Dog Breath Bones
Some of the Whimzees chews (sizes M-XL) contain a white color made of calcium carbonate. Calcium carbonate can come from non-animal derived sources, but it can also come from shells collected from seafood restaurants. Probably best to check with the company before buying those sizes. 

Vegan Canine Toothpaste

Pura Radius
Best Friend Beauty
Gentle Earth
PawFlex Vegan Fresh
Canis Major

For those with the time and inclination to experiment with homemade dog toothpaste, here’s a great recipe care of the folks at V-Dog.