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Dearest Gentle World Family…

~ a letter from Tessa Martens


Today, it has been one month since I was part of your lovely community and worked in the garden. I felt so calm and at peace in Gentle World and everything felt good. I realized there, in that beautiful spot, with the tastiest fresh spring water and lovely warm sun, that after months of struggling, my journey had finally found a destination.

Since I left, I’ve been vegan. It was not a question; it felt like second nature for me. The last month has been amazing. I feel so much more calm and at peace with myself and I have been able to focus on things I ignored before, because I was struggling and questioning myself a lot whenever I went shopping.

In Thailand I had met a lot of vegans, and some were so radical they really made me think. I wanted to learn more about it, so I went to a dairy farm, read more about veganism, watched Cowspiracy, and participated in the 30 Day Vegan Challange in Sydney. That was all worth it, but staying with you was the confirmation and support I needed. IT IS POSSIBLE.

I opened my eyes and looked around and saw lovely beings so energetic and beautiful living on a vegan diet. The happiness I felt was wonderful. I am so glad that I was able to stay with your community. What you have meant to me is indescribable.

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