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Creative Ecology 102

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As promised, here is another example of what you can do using recycled materials.

This is our bunny rabbit Poof who we rescued eight years ago. He is now a close part of the Gentle World family and lives on our large outdoor deck. He has the run of our large (30′ x 30′) deck as well as his little recycled house for shelter.

The house is built out of old material thrown away at our local transfer station. The roof is made out of roofing iron that was sanded and painted. The walls are strips of wood that were discarded and we just painted them and with a little effort a shelter was put together. You don’t have to be a professional builder… A lot can be done with just a hammer and some (preferably re-used) nails.

Poof’s house cost just a ride to the dump and back, and once again the loving effort of our “always willing to go the extra mile” recycling master Sky.

I hope that this will give you ideas for your very own projects.




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