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Creative Ecology 101: The Stroller-Barrow

Creative Ecology 101: The Stroller-Barrow post image

You may be curious about the interesting contraption featured in this photograph.

Sky, another long time member of Gentle World, has a passion for re-using (up-cycling) materials that he finds at the transfer station or that have been gifted to our organization. This is a magical way to give secondhand items a chance for a new life.

This unusual looking stroller-barrow was created from a discarded twin baby stroller and a broken wheelbarrow. Sky first gutted out the canvas area of the stroller and then placed the old barrow bin inside the frame. The completed stroller-barrow is now used for grass clippings and other lightweight yard waste. In this picture, it is shown transporting baby plants to the garden.

All and all, this project was a labor of love.

I look forward to sharing more of these projects with you in the future, and hope that they will inspire you as they have me.


Summer is a Gentle World Community Member and volunteer for 33 years.