plant-based kitchen

Smiling women choosing food from a supermarket shelf

Navigating the Vegan Aisles

It seems to be a golden period for those looking to make the transition to veganism, as we are witnessing a substantial transformation taking place in the consumer products industry.
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A honey bee covered in pollen

Vegan Alternatives to Honey

There are many vegan alternatives to honey available, some of which you can even make yourself. It’s worth experimenting to find out which alternative is your favorite!
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Assortment of organic non-dairy, raw cheese from cashew nuts.

Finding the Right Vegan Cheese

From soy to tapioca, to almond, macadamia and hazelnut, vegan cheeses are all very different to each other, so don’t be fooled into believing that you’re out of options just because a particular brand doesn’t quite work for you.
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Cajú Love: Upcycled Plant Meat

Cashew fruit is a by-product of the cashew nut industry and the folks at Caju Love are upcycling it by turning this unwanted waste product into their amazing plant meat that is free from gluten and soy and is also organic!
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Six monk fruit in a pile with one open and spilling its seeds

Monk Fruit: the New Kid in Town

Monk fruit, a.k.a. Luo han guo, is a relatively new addition to the American food scene, receiving its GRAS status (generally recognized as safe) in 2010. Most people find the taste pleasant and closer to sugar than other natural alternatives, which may explain monk fruit’s surge in popularity.
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Shallow dish with miso paste on white background

The Magic of Miso

Those new to miso may not immediately recognize the value in a fermented soybean paste. But if you give it a try, the flavor, versatility and health benefits of miso are bound to win you over.
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Meatless meat in the form of seitan

Better-than-Beef Meatless Meat

Seitan or Wheat-Meat (made from wheat gluten flour) is one of the best meat substitutes for flavor absorption as well as texture. High in protein and low in fat, seitan (when properly prepared) will win over the meat-oholics in your life, from kids to grown-ups.
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A muffin tin holding an assortment of different grains and cereals

Cooking Guide for Whole Grains

Whole grains are an excellent source of B vitamins, fiber and protein, and they're fantastic staples in a vegan pantry. But each one calls for a slightly different method of preparation.
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Two white and red bowls, one holding tahini and one spilling sesame seeds

The Talents of Tahini

If you've ever bought tahini for a special recipe, you may still have the rest of the jar sitting in your fridge or on the shelf. But tahini is not a seed butter to be ignored.
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Six glass jars with different colored bulk foods spilling out

8 Tips for Plant-Based Eating on a Budget

One of the myths about the vegan lifestyle is that it’s too expensive for the average or low-income family. Perhaps this is because many people relate the term ‘vegan’ or a plant-based diet to prepared vegan convenience foods.
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Half a pitcher and half a glass of milk in front of a sunflower garden with a bright blue sky

5 Vegan Alternatives to Milk

While some vegan milks (such as soy) have a flavor similar to cow’s milk, others (like coconut and hazelnut) offer a new perspective on how tasty plant-based milks can be.
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Stack of dark chocolate with chocolate shavings on dark background

Fair Trade Chocolate: A Myth?

Nowadays, most stores have a “health food” or “organic” section, but thinking you can simply pick up the first chocolate bar marked “fair-trade,” and walk away with a clean conscience, isn’t the case.
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