from our founders

Child smelling giant sunflower in a sunflower field

Ode to Joy

This is a reprint of a previously posted article. It was originally written and published in 2012.  When I was five years old, I unhappily discovered that I was the only girl in my kindergarten class who didn’t have a…
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Sunrise in a calm blue sky

As We Should Be

Veganism is not simply a different way of eating. It is a different way of seeing and feeling that embodies the principle of ahimsa, or reverence for life. Simply put, veganism is feeling for another’s feelings.
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A black and white portrait of an elephant's face against a black background

The Elephant in the Room

We are called vegans, and although we come from differing nations, cultures, religions, economic stations, genders and ages, we share a powerful bond. We have all seen the elephant in the room, and agree that the only humane response is to withdraw our support.
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Looking up from within a circle of tall trees almost covering the sky with light at the top

A Saner Way

The many symptoms of our shared illness are easily seen on any street corner, in homes, schools, work places, courtrooms or anywhere else human behavior is on display. But the most serious is our seeming obsession with some form of violence.
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Artist's rendition of a path through a green meadow in the sunlight

Paradise Bound

Veganism is as essential to peace as peace is to Paradise. It topples the foundation of violence and cruelty upon which our terribly imperfect governments, cultures, societies and religions are built. It frees us from the self-absorption that fuels our conflicts. It inspires an expansive and inclusive way of living heretofore unknown to our species.
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new ledge sun painting

2017… and here we are

Veganism is non-violence in action; a sure, safe, practical, painless, easy, highly effective and absolutely free choice that everyone can make to help save all who live from humanity's most destructive, dangerous addiction.
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A signpost with a rainbow colored sky in the background

Which Will We Choose?

Is there any hope at all for a peaceful resolution of the opposing forces in our nature, which are driving us mad? If so, the answer must be the pillars of sanity we call reason and compassion.
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A beautiful golden dog sleeps in her bed outside in the sun

A Feeling of Home

Dogs have not only been some of my best friends, but some of my greatest teachers. There is no doubt in my mind that my feeling for dogs was a significant factor in my vegan epiphany, since it was not a far leap from the eyes of my best friends to the eyes of the first cow I ever saw crying tears of sorrow.
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An orange and pink sky with many birds flying through it

If We Were They

The other animals, although born into different physical bodies are, like us, victims of circumstance. Like all people, they are who we might have been, there but for we know not what. They too, are us, if we were they.
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Beautiful sunset sky, with full sun and orange clouds


Why don't those who make the laws do so with respect for our essential needs, and deepest feelings? Why do we continue to cause so much suffering and death to others? Why is there so much cruelty and violence in the world?
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Partial sunflower in front of a deep blue sky

Let Your Conscience Be Your God

The conscience is the one and only place inside us where reason and compassion live harmoniously, side by side. Its purpose, as should be that of any God figure, is to guide us to our better nature.
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Fiery sunset with blue sky

The Power is Ours

If we want a gentle world, we must reject violence. If we want a free world, we must be willing to free our human and non-human slaves. And if we want a peaceful world, we must first find a way to make peace with ourselves and one another.
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A spotted brown deer in the jungle

The Foundation of our Higher Selves

In the heat of the summer of 1966, revolution was in the air. Black people were revolting against the injustice of whites, women against the domination of men, and young people everywhere were expanding their minds beyond the restrictive perceptions…
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A bull in the field during sunset

They Can Count On Me

This is the first irrefutable truth I discovered in my life; that eating and using animals is, no matter how you look at it, an act of abject cruelty. When we eat or use animals, we are hiring the butcher…
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A human hand caressing the head of a beautiful white horse

The Vegan Inside Us

Now is the time for those of us who are willing to be the essential change this world so desperately needs, to open the closet door and set the vegan inside us free to unashamedly show the world who we really are.
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The thinker statue with a blue sky in background

An Open Letter to the Leaders of the Progressive Movement

If you are not yet vegan yourself, you might be moving in that direction or have a friend or two who is. You may even be convinced by now that veganism is a reasonable solution to many of the world's problems. Perhaps, you have secretly envisioned doing it yourself, someday... when you are ready.
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Distant silhouettes of people standing in front of colorful sunset clouds

Why I Love Vegans

Vegans recognize the inherent right of every animal, human or otherwise, to be the sole owner of his or her body, and they acknowledge our ethical responsibility to treat every body with respect and even reverence for the mystery that gives them life.
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Light and Sun celebrating 43 years of veganism

Our Dedication Will Never Waiver

We didn't know that there was a word "vegan" at the time. There were no health food stores, no tofu, and no animal rights movement that we knew of. We have been spreading the word since we knew there was a word to spread. If we kept silent and that silence allowed more animals to suffer, we would wonder if our words could have saved their lives.
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A back view silhouette of a woman watching the sunset

Satisfy Your Soul

When the world and its religions can't quite satisfy your soul, and the hymns and prayers and chanting sound like one droll rigmarole...
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Blue sky filled with puffy clouds and sun rays

A Newer Age

The vegan evolution will inspire a heightened spiritual awareness, purify the body, and make possible personal and planetary healing unprecedented in human history.
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sun over ocean

Just This One…

The New Year is unlike other holidays, as it is not limited to those who belong to one religion or nation, but is a celebration we can all relate to: the ending of the old and the beginning of the new.
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A single cow stands silhouetted against a sunset sky

Occupy Humanity

Even many of the most progressive among us, seemingly without thought, continue to exclude certain sentient beings from the shelter of their compassion by accepting, condoning, supporting and even applauding the most unspeakable injustices perpetrated against those they see as "others," because they happened to have been born other than human.
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Close up portrait of a stunning bull

An Irrefutable Truth

What a boost to my self-esteem to discover that I knew something that was absolutely right; something that no one, no matter their station in life, could convince me was wrong.
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Brown cow lying down on green grass with a chain around her neck

Humane? Ask the Animals.

Terms such as free-range, grass-fed, and humanely-raised have not only taken over the dialogue around the animal use debate, but have come to symbolize “it's okay – you can eat me now.”
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