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A selection of vegan body care products from Attitude Living


From household cleaning, to body care, to baby-safe products, ATTITUDE offers a wide and ever-growing selection of affordable yet high-quality household products made entirely with plant and mineral-derived ingredients.

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splendid spoon, VEGAN LIVING

Introducing Splendid Spoon

For those new to plant-based eating, or with little time for food preparation, Splendid Spoon’s vegan home delivery platform is a service to keep on your radar.

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Cover of Crafting Seitan cookbook with faded image of seitan in background

Crafting Seitan

These recipes deliver the appearance, texture, and flavors that will convince family and friends of all dietary persuasions that a plant-based diet has plenty to offer and nothing to lose.

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A display of Dr. Brite's vegan tooth whitening kit

Whiter Teeth with Dr. Brite

What stood out to us about Dr. Brite’s teeth whitening products was that they were developed by the two founders, who are a doctor and a dentist with an interest in providing safe and effective oral care.

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The World Peace Diet book

The World Peace Diet

The bold and insightful statements in Tuttle’s book cut right to the core of our most serious cultural problems, powerfully addressing our society’s need to rise above the predatory paradigm and into a new age of nonviolence.

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Muscular male runner working out outdoors

Vegan Athletes: Driving the Change

Vegan athletes are changing the negative stereotypes, proving that plant-based protein can not only build strong muscles, but can keep a vegan healthy enough to be a professional athlete.

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Body butter bottle inside half of a coconut - handmade for body and lip

Body Butter So Pure You Could Eat It

Fragrance-free, and made from only a handful of healthy ingredients, Butter combines macadamia, coconut, marula nut, hemp seed and shea butter: foods which have been used throughout history to heal and revitalize the skin.

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Muscular male body in a plant powered athletics video

Stunning Plant-Powered Athletics Video

Despite the misconception many athletes still have that animal products are essential to building muscle and strength, Frank Medrano and many others are showing us all that plant-powered workouts are the way of the future!

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Four ripe red tomatoes in a white bowl

Natural Food Coloring from Tomatoes

Although the insect-derived carmine has been widely accepted as a ‘natural’ alternative to chemical dyes, it has recently received an increasing amount of public attention from squeamish consumers.

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